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Visit the small Cox’s Bazar near Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh

Visit the small Cox’s Bazar near Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh

If you want to leave the hustle and bustle of the capital and go somewhere for a day, you can choose Manot Ghat. If you go there, you will be fascinated by the beauty of Padma and you will be able to eat fresh Padma Hilsa.

• The way to go

Manot Ghat is located in Dohar Upazila of Dhaka. There is a direct bus service from Golapshah Mazar in Gulistan. The rent is 90 rupees per person. It will take two to two and a half hours.

‘Small Cox’s Bazar’

There are huge chars in the vicinity of Manot Ghat, especially in the east, and the wide Padma in front. Fascinated by the beauty of this ghat, many people have started calling it ‘Little Cox’s Bazar’ or ‘Mini Cox’s Bazar’.

Walking in the Padma

You can go around the Padma by boat or speedboat. The rent of a speedboat suitable for eight people is two to two and a half thousand rupees for half an hour. In addition, four to 20-25 people can travel together in an engine boat for Rs 250 to Rs 600 per hour.

Be careful

Life jackets should be worn while traveling in the Padma by speedboat or boat. Because during monsoon and autumn, the waves of Padma suddenly increase. So it would not be right to go inside the Padma with a very small boat.

Buy fresh fish

You may visit a fishing boat by boat. Then you can buy fresh fish from them without delay.

• Meals

Padma Hilsa can be tasted in the restaurants of Manot Ghat. Besides, there is good food in the Kartikpur market near the ghat.

Other patterns of Nawabganj

The afternoon is a good time to visit the Manot Ghat area.

The sunset can also be seen then. Earlier in the morning, on the way to Manot Ghat, one can go down to Nawabganj and see the ancient structures there. Such as Judge’s House (as you can see in the picture), the historic Gandhi Field in Kalakopar, the Ancient Palace, the N House, the Jagbandhu Saha House, and the Khelaraam Donor House.

The Church of the Beaded Queen of Bandura can also be seen.

• Overnight stay

There are still no good arrangements for overnight stays in the Manot Ghat area. However, being close to Dhaka, it is better to go back day by day. The journey can be comfortable if you take the car yourself. In that case, apart from Manot Ghat, the installations of Nawabganj can be seen.

Do not throw dirt anywhere

If you go to enjoy the beauty of Manot Ghat and see the dirt around you, you will definitely not like it. So you have to try to keep the environment clean. No dirt can be dumped there, including water bottles, packets of chips, and biscuits. It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about.

Visit the small Cox’s Bazar near Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh


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