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Information of 21 resorts around the capital of Bangladesh

Information of 21 resorts around the capital of Bangladesh

Many of us like to spend a short vacation around Dhaka this summer or winter. And we need to know where to spend this holiday, this holiday can be spent in a good way.

And for the holidays we need a nice and tidy resort. Today, for our readers, we have brought information about a total of 21 resorts near Dhaka. Today we have brought to you the information of eleven resorts in the first episode. Which can be very useful for you and your family.

1. Rajendra Eco Resort

From Gazipur Crossroads, take the right lane from the main road on the opposite side of Bangabandhu Safari Park and you will suddenly get lost in the green forest. It is a little farther along the smooth road beyond Bhabanipur Bazar.

Dense Shalban on both sides of the road. As far as the eye can see, only trees and shrubs. Fishing birds sit on the pond tree in the hope of hunting. The buck walks along the edge of the pond. Seeing all kinds of birds, it may seem that you have come to a deep forest. Really deep forest.

In addition to the distant Shalban on both sides of the road, there are date palms and banyan trees. Some tribal houses are on the side of the road. Phone: 56060640, 01919317009.

2. Bhawal National Park Gazipur

Bhawal Udyan in Gazipur is one of the government picnic spots. Chattar Gazipur Sadar and Bhawal National Park are located across Sreepur Thana. There is a big field for sports. There is also a zoo here. Unlike other national parks in the world, the park was officially established in 1973 on an area of ​​6.48 hectares.

The main plant of Bhawal National Park is a shawl. The garden is also full of various trees and plants. Inside the national park, there are several picnic centers, 13 cottages, and 6 rest houses. The entrance fee to the park is 6 rupees per person.

In addition, if you want to use the picnic spot, you have to come from the Mohakhali office of the forest department (02-614800) with advance booking. Safipur Ansar Academy is a suitable place to visit the huge premises of Ansar-VDP Academy located in Kaliakair Upazila of Gazipur district. There are also arrangements for picnics subject to permission. Phone: 602-6214951-9.

3. Padma_Resort

Cottages are usually available empty even if you do not book without holidays or Eid closures. All the information for booking can be found on Padma Resort’s own website. If you want to rent the resort only during the day, you can stay from 10 am to 6 pm and in that case, the rent will be 2300 rupees.

And if you want to spend the day and night, then the rent will be 3400 rupees. A total of 16 cottages. These cottages are the main attraction. In the cottages built along the riverbank, you can spend a very comfortable and secluded time.

The cottages have also been named quite nicely. The 12 cottages are named after the 12 months of the Bengali year. And the names of the other four have been taken from the four seasons. If it rains heavily, the water will be clear in front of the cottages.

You have to walk on the road made of wood. It looks like the cottages are floating in the water. Phone: 01712160330.

4. Nakshatrabari

Among the private resorts located in Gazipur is the beautiful Nakshatrabari. Nakshatrabari is also a very popular name among nature lovers and travelers. Actors Taukir Ahmed and Bipasha Hayat built Nakshatrabari on 14 bighas of land, thinking of building a resort very close to Dhaka with all the facilities for nature lovers.

The official journey of Nakshatrabari started on 16 December 2011. Phone: 01192150563, 01919317009.

5. Nuhashpalli

Popular novelist and filmmaker Humayun Ahmed’s garden house and shooting spot. With a space of about 90 bighas, this paradise has a small zoo, a huge pond with paved ghats, beautiful cottages, tree houses, and many more arrangements. The special attraction inside Nuhash Palasni is the garden of medicinal plants.

Such a rich medicinal garden is rare in this country. All in all, Nuhashpalsni is a desert arranged like a picture, where everyone will love to go. In December, January and February, the three-month forest feast is allowed in Nuhashpalsni. Contact: 01712060971.

6. Holiday resort

Holiday resorts offer boat rides, and tents are set up in the forests of rare species of protected trees. Birdhouse, regular cottage, birdhouse, fishing facility, herbal garden, detox crop, native fruits, vegetables, flower garden, huge two playground, modern restaurant, two picnic spots, rural cake house, all day bird with kids zone for kids Noises, fox howls in the evening, rare species of monkeys, firefly processions and fireworks, crickets. And if there is a full moon, there is no question.

7. Rangamati Water Front Resort Gazipur

Rangamati is another resort and picnic center located at Chandra in Gazipur. There is a picnic center, fishing and sightseeing on the lake, and cottages. Phone: 01711414084, 01919317009.

8. Afrin Park Resort Gazipur

Afrin Park Resort is located on the Gazipur-Mymensingh road, about ten kilometers away from the Joydebpur crossroads. Surrounded by various trees, the park has a huge paved pond, a boat ride on the lake, and a resort for leisure. Phone: 01719253339.

9. Festival picnic spot Gazipur

The picnic center is near Hotapara on the Dhaka-Mymensingh road, about 50 km from Dhaka. The festival picnic spot has an open courtyard, a few cottages, and a tree house. From Phulbaria in Dhaka, you have to get on Shravan Paribahan and get off at the Hotapara bus stand. Rent 35 rupees. From there rent a rickshaw for ten rupees to the festival picnic spot. Contact: 01713044591, 62638.

10) Pushpadam Picnic Spot Gazipur

Pushpadam is located at Bagher Bazar in the Gazipur district, 55 km from Dhaka. There is a huge range of local and foreign ornamental trees. There is a huge row of fir trees at the entrance. After crossing this path, there are a few cottages surrounded by flowers. There are huge playgrounds, artificial lakes, fountains, and swimming pools. In addition to an adequate kitchen and toilet, there is a place for one thousand people at a time. Contact: 01719217156.

11. Happy Day Inn: Gazipur

There is a private picnic spot on the opposite side of Bhawal National Park. High-quality hall rooms, and residential rooms with local, Thai, and Chinese food are available for picnics. Who doesn’t want to get lost in this green forest of Gazipur by organizing a picnic? Phone 801939-04656-6.

Source: Kaler Kantho

12. Angana: Gazipur

The resort has been named Angana as it is a green land of amazing natural beauty located at Suryanarayanpur, Kapasia Police Station, and Gazipur. It was built in 2004 on 16 bighas of land by Syed Ali Murad, brother of Runa Layla, a popular singer of the subcontinent, who owns Angan, a private resort of rural beauty. Its location is in the Suryanarayanpur village of Kapasia in Gazipur.

I think fatigue comes at the same time in city life. And to alleviate this fatigue, visit the website to know the rest of this private resort Angana has been built in the Suryanarayanpur village of Kapasia near the capital.

13. Fantasy_Kingdom Ashulia

The Fantasy Kingdom, a recreation center with all the modern rides in the world, has been established in Jamgarh, Ashulia. The Heritage Park next door is full of heritage. Many of the important historical sites of Bangladesh can be seen here.

These have been built exactly like the original installation in the Heritage Park. There are all kinds of facilities for dining in these two places. Phone: 801944-49.

14. Resort Atlantis, Ashulia

Resort Atlantis inside the Water Kingdom, Mohammadi Garden, Mahishashi, Mahishashi of Dhamrai next to the Dhaka-Aricha Highway at Dhamrai. This is where the garden is located. If you don’t see it yourself, you can’t believe it is a dreamland or a paradise. There is a pond inside the garden for recreation. Boats, wooden swans, and earthen water lilies are floating in the pond. Phone: 01717374904, 01190236072.

15. Hasnahena Gazipur

Hasnahena is a private recreational tourist center located at Pubail College Gate in Gazipur district next to Dhaka. Its distance from Tongi is 6 kilometers.

You can easily come here with your family or for a day-long picnic or picnic at the office or organization.
Contact: Hasnahena, Haribari Tech, Pubail College Gate, Pubail Gazipur. Phone: 011998558, 01911495123, 01714003103, 017372407.

16. Sohagpalli

Surrounded by greenery on 11 acres of hilly terrain, one of the attractions of this resort is the beautiful hanging bridge built over the water body and the various carvings carved on its pillars and balconies – which fascinate the visitors.

There is a hanging bridge in the middle of a huge pond which attracts more visitors. There is a two-story restaurant on the east side of the pond. The restaurant is named Mezban. Not only that, a lake has been artificially constructed. So that there is always water in the rain or dry. And in the water of this lake different species of fish can be seen roaming. Phone: 01712049903-04,0171204990.

16. Ananda Resort

Ananda is a well-known resort in Kaliakair, Gazipur. Ananda Resort has a lot in common with the name. Attempts have been made to procure all the materials for enjoyment here. Not only with the naked eye, but also with the joy of riding different sports rides. The feature of this Anand resort is that there is a fishing facility directly from the bill. This opportunity for fish hunters is definitely worth the extra. It will take time to drop the rod and wait for the fish.

In addition, there are various materials for children’s play. There is a swimming pool. Ananda Resort was built on 42 bighas of hilly land. It is located in the Taltoli area of ​​Sinabah in Kaliakair. There are different species of fruit trees and 8 cottages here.

Rent: The 24-hour rent of the cottages is 3 to 10 thousand rupees. The rent for a picnic or various events will be 60 thousand to one lakh rupees.

How to get there: Take the Dhaka-Tangail highway via Gazipur crossroads by own transport or passenger bus. You have to go to the Safipur market along this highway. The resort is located 2 km north of Sinabah Bazaar. Phone: 02-91258,01919317009, 017026564.

16. Water Jungle Poetry, Pubail

A small village has been built on 90 bighas of land in Pubail near Dhaka. Bamboo and jute fences, the canopy above, water dancing on the horizon in front. It is not a modern place but it has a touch of clean and rural Bengal. Of course, it would be nice to come back. Phone: 0191972245, 01719523017.

19. Arshinagar Holiday Resort

Holiday resort and picnic spot with state-of-the-art facilities at Bhawale in Gazipur, just 30 km from Dhaka. Between the village of Bhawal and the Shalban, Arshinagar is arranged with all the modern facilities in an extraordinary natural climate.

Office: 21/1 Eskaton Garden, Flat 4 / A, Ramna Dhaka, Phone: 934489. Resort Office Pazrlia, Joydebpur, Gazipur. Phone: 01732354006, 01923116057.

20. Dream Square

There is a giant private resort called Dream Square in Azhirchala village of Mauna in Gazipur. Dream Square Resort is built on 120 bighas of land with a combination of different species of fruit, forest, and medicinal plants. Its main attraction is the greenery spread over a wide area.

Interesting places in Dream Square include oil mills, dairy farms, fish hatcheries, compost fertilizer plants, biogas plants. The special feature of Dream Square is that the vegetables of the restaurant food are cultivated inside, which is completely free from fertilizers and pesticides.

There are several naturally occurring giant lakes. There are 16 small and big ponds. In the middle of the garden surrounded by greenery are two portraits of the national fish Hilsa. And there are portraits of monkeys in different trees.

There are various species of bird sanctuaries here. Dream Square hosts a guest bird fair every winter. There is a restaurant, there is a Wi-Fi facility. Most of the foreign tourists come here. Phone: 60-02-9334149, 9342203, 017556303311.

21. Greentech Resort

Greentech Resort is located in Bhabanipur of Gazipur district in 2010 with an area of ​​about 6 acres. There are 63 rooms, an auditorium, two conference rooms, a swimming pool, two dining halls, and two ponds. Fully air-conditioned, it has all the facilities for indoor and outdoor games. The whole resort has a Wi-Fi connection.
Room rentals are available here from a minimum of Rs 3,000 to a maximum of Rs 10,000.

Contact: Hotel Radial Palace, Road-6, Block-C, Banani, Dhaka. Phone: 0171510560,01919317009.

Information of 21 resorts around the capital of Bangladesh

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