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Khayachara of Mirsarai. The green color of the hill and the clear water of spring

The green color of the hill and the clear water of the spring have merged into the Khayachara spring of Mirsarai

The green color of the mountain and the clear water of the spring have merged into the Khayachara spring of Mirsarai. The people who love to travel in the country are fascinated by this picture painted in the aesthetic brush of nature.

Those who have seen Khayachara Jharna once have the same question in their minds- whether there is another such beautiful spring in the country. It is named Khayachara Jharna because of its location in the hills of the Khayachara area.

The fountain is located four kilometers east of the Dhaka-Chittagong highway on the north side of Baratakia Bazar in the Khayachhara union of Mirsarai Upazila. After traveling one kilometer by car, the rest of the way is on foot.

Bamboo bridges, field isles, winding mountain paths, chara, at least 4 hills, when tourists dip their feet in the clear water of the fountain, it seems that the distance of the path is very small.

According to a local resident of the Khayachara area, the spring has been flowing in Bhuiyan Tila for about 50 years. People did not go to that place because of the hilly bushes. The number of tourists there has been increasing for the last 4-5 years.

Going to the ground, it can be seen that tourists have come down to see the fountain. According to one tourist, I have seen many famous natural springs in the country. I don’t know if the beauty of Khayachara spring is second in the country.

Another tourist said that the winding mountain path, the golden paddy fields, the greenery on both sides and the murmur of the gushing waterfalls add to the life. This is like an incredible game of nature. Which cannot be believed without seeing.

A total of eight steps of Khayachara waterfall. Most tourists are intoxicated by the beauty of the first stage. Many people come back after seeing the beauty of the first step of the waterfall as it is a bit difficult to go to the rest of the steps.

Tourists who turned up to the last step of the fountain said that water was flowing over many wide places in the last step. Those who come to the last step of the fountain will undoubtedly enjoy the best natural fountain in Bangladesh.


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