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The whole of Dubai in just twenty-four hours and wonder

The whole of Dubai in just twenty-four hours and wonder

The cities of the world have been modernized at lightning speed in the last few decades. Undoubtedly Dubai is among them. Not only is the city becoming more modern, but Dubai is also astonishing the world with its amazing buildings and beautification programs. Their engineering and architecture are far ahead of modern.

So Dubai has become one of the best places to visit for world tourists. The main attraction is the sophisticated extraordinary all the buildings. If you want, you can see many wonders of Dubai in just 24 hours. Find out about them here. However, the cost of this trip will be higher.

1. Burj Khalifa

There is nothing new to say about this tallest building in the world. The 168-story building is 2716 feet long. If you really stand in front of it, you will just say yes. Go to the 124th floor. There is Dubai Mall. Here you will find ideas about the history of Dubai and the wonderful engineering of the Burj Khalifa.

2. Lunch at Atmosphere

It is the tallest restaurant in the world. What happens if you don’t play anything in this restaurant on the 122nd floor? While having lunch, you are 442 meters above the ground.

3. Shopping at Dubai Mall

It is not right to miss the opportunity to shop in Dubai Mall. It is the largest shopping mall in the world. There are 1200 shops and 160 restaurants and cafes. Here are the stores of all the big fashion brands in the world.

4. Dubai Fountain

There is another wonder in front of the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Foundation. This artificial fountain is the largest in the world. It is turned on three times a day. If you go to Burj Al Khalifa Lake, you will see it. The water of this fountain rises up to 900 feet!

5. Sleep at night in Burj Al Arab

You can go to Burj Al Arab for a luxurious night. The cost is high. But you can sleep here one night. Match the taste of luxurious Arabia.

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The whole of Dubai in just twenty-four hours and wonder


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