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Visit the Sundarbans, a beautiful place in Bangladesh

Visit the Sundarbans

People who are thirsty for travel go out in search of new horizons whenever they get a chance.

Those who run from one end to the other in search of green forests and antiquities and the mind-blowing waves of the sea. Satkhira, the green land of the unique beauty of nature, seems to be calling them by hand.

Born in 1974, the most southwestern part of the island, Bangladesh, is bounded on the west by 26 km of the Indian border. Of this, 137 km of the island and 100 km is water. To the south are the world’s best mangrove forests, the Sundarbans, and the Bay of Bengal.

Visit the Sundarbans, a beautiful place

Which actually attracts the attention of any tourist. Apart from this, a number of tourist centers have been developed in the Sundarbans including Akashleen, Ural Ural Mann, Barsha Resort and Tourism, Karam Mora Mangrove Village, Jowar Eco Cottage, etc.

There are also Mozaffar Garden, Maichampar Dargah, Bhomra Land Port, Satgharia Jora Mandir, .. Harddah Border, Limpid Garden, Historic Banabibi Tala (one of the largest big trees in the country), Debhata Zamindar Bari, Rupshi Debhata Mangrove Tour Center, Seeman Historic Tentulia Jame Mosque, Nalta Rawza Sharif, Sonabaria Math Temple, Raja Pratapaditya’s Jahajghata, Shyamnagar Zamindar Bari, Historical Church.

The world’s best mangrove Sundarbans attracts tourists to the greenery. At the same time, the raft of white clouds in the lap of the blue sky, the cooling of the body and mind in the south wind,

the fair of the stars on the sea shore in the light of the firefly at night, and the western Sundarbans Satkhira Range. This beautiful princess of nature is like a beautiful fire in the Sundarbans.

The greenery on the leaves of the trees and the petals of the Sundarbans flowing through the chest of the Petoya Kalinchi River will not only catch the eye with the light of the silver moon, but the Sundarbans will help you to enjoy this aesthetic beauty of nature.

The natural mangroves rich in natural beauty, the grazing of endless resources, the world’s best mangrove Sundarbans are undoubtedly the best in the list of natural beauty.

Visit the Sundarbans, a beautiful place

According to the Forest Department, there are thousands of rivers in the Sundarbans covering an area of ​​6,017 square miles. There are 485 species of fish, 36 species of shrimps, 337 species of snails and oysters, 18 species of crabs, 6 species of tortoises, 10 species of dolphins, and 3 species of whales, 5 species of lobsters. Besides, the Sundarbans are adorned with 365 species of wildlife and 335 species of plants.

According to the Forest Department’s 2013 data, there are 440 tigers in the Sundarbans. Of them, 419 are adults and 21 are children. 121 males, and 298 females. The number of deer is 70-75 thousand.

The number of crocodiles is 200-250 and the number of monkeys is 40-50 thousand. There are also many strange animals whose names are not known. A huge dry village has been formed on the beautiful Dublar Char which has been awakened by the sea.

West Sundarbans Satkhira Attractions Kalagachhia, Mandarbaria (Mandarbaria Beach), Putni Island (Bibirmede) Latabeki, Munshiganj, Kalirchar (Bangabandhu Char), Daibiki, Kalirchar, Pushpakati, Notabenki, Jalghata, etc. The beautiful Sundarbans are always attracting domestic and foreign tourists.

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