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Let’s visit Ramu Buddhist Monastery in Cox’s Bazar

Let’s visit Ramu Buddhist Monastery in Cox’s Bazar

If you go to Cox’s Bazar, you can visit some of the spectacular Buddhist monasteries in Ramu. You can see the hills and native elephants in the last part of Bandarban.

Only 20-25 minutes walk from Kalatali. Even if it takes half an hour, you can come back from some amazing places. A minibus called Coxline or Ramulaine goes directly to Ramu. The first to land there is for the Army MES. Auto rental will be 15-20 rupees per person.

Vimri will eat when he sees the gate built by the army called Elephant Gate. The gate is built in the shape of two huge teeth. Interestingly, Bandran is on the other side of the road. From there you can see the beautiful green hills of the last part of Bandarban. And seeing elephants is a daily occurrence.

After spending some time here, on the way back to Ramu, you will come across the historic Rankut Banashram Buddhist Monastery. Which was established in 26 BC. Before entering the main temple, there will be many more idols on both sides. In the main temple of the monastery built by Emperor Ashoka, the bones of the Buddha himself are placed on the head of the idol.

A statue of Emperor Ashoka has been erected outside the temple in homage to him. Next to it is a 1400-year-old banyan tree. Which stands as a witness of tomorrow. Next to it in the forest. Where orphans are getting the opportunity to be educated in modern education at no cost.

The world-famous poet Rabindranath Tagore wrote his famous novel ‘Rajarshi’ while sitting in Ramkot here. Poet Guru also described Ramu as a land of yellow flowers.

After visiting Banashram Bihar, you can visit Ramu again, from there you can visit the temple of the 100-foot Buddhist lion bed on the hilltop of Mithachari. After the communal attack, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina herself inaugurated the rebuilt temple on September 3 last year. The beauty of the temple is different depending on the sunlight and the seasons.

The temple can be visited for 10 rupees. The place is known to the locals as the tea garden as there was a tea garden in the area during the British rule. Getting in the auto from Ramu to the tea garden will take you down the main road in front of the temple to a 100 feet temple from there in a rickshaw.

There are more than 100 historical statues of Gautam Buddha in 23 Buddhist monasteries in Ramu Upazila. Besides, there are famous rubber plantations, but the extent of rubber trees is not the same as before. Shortly after dusk, the minibusses are expected to return to Ramu for Cox’s Bazar, taking them to the Burmese market.

Let’s visit Ramu Buddhist Monastery in Cox’s Bazar

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