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Come back from Tungipara, which is associated with the memory of Bangabandhu

Come back from Tungipara, which is associated with the memory of Bangabandhu

As long as the river Padma Jamuna Gauri Meghna flows,

Until then, the glory is yours

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman … ‘

This is how the father of the nation of Bangladesh Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was introduced to the world in the language of poetry by the poet Annadashankar Roy of West Bengal.

You can take your child to the place of remembrance or tomb of Bangabandhu. You can take your child to the place of remembrance or the tomb of Bangabandhu.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was hailed as the ‘Best Bengali of a Thousand Years’. His whole life is eventful.

And knowing the whole thing means knowing a lot of the history of Bangladesh! This great leader and the embodiment of our independence Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was assassinated on the night of 15 August 1975 along with his family.

Tell your child about Bangabandhu’s life and his unforgettable role in the war of liberation. On this day, you can take your child to the place of remembrance or the tomb of Bangabandhu.

It was learned that about four thousand visitors from home and abroad come here every day. There are rumors that some Muslim devotees from Persia used to live in the flooded part of the area with their tongs tied. Over time, the area was named Tungipara from that tong. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was born on 17 March 1920 in this Tungipara. He was martyred on 15 August 1975 in the assassination attempt.

The next day he was buried next to his mother and father at the family cemetery in Tungipara.

The Bangabandhu Memorial Trust is maintaining and repairing the mausoleum on 36.30 acres of land under the supervision of the Public Works Department as per the advice of the Board. The complex is built on the banks of the Baigar River in Tungipara with Bangabandhu’s family graveyard and the surrounding area.

Made of red ceramic bricks and black and white marble stones, the carvings of this monument show signs of pain. In front of the complex, Bangabandhu’s grave is just after passing the garden on both sides.

Next to the grave of his father and mother. The main mausoleum with a round dome has been built with these three graves. There is always the magic game of light and shadow. The light also spreads through the carved glass on the tomb.

The tomb of Bangabandhu was paved with black marble and white marble in the middle. The upper part is empty.

The complex has a library and museum. The library has about six thousand books including books written by Bangabandhu and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. There are research centers, exhibition centers, open stage, public plazas, administrative buildings, cafeterias, Bakultala Square, and souvenir corners.

Apart from photographs of various stages of Bangabandhu’s struggling life, the exhibition center also has works of art by various artists about Bangabandhu. Besides, various newspapers of different stages of liberation struggle published from home and abroad. The coffin in which Bangabandhu was brought from Dhaka in a military helicopter has also been carefully preserved.

Visitors come here and are overwhelmed with emotion. Tribute to Bangabandhu.

The mausoleum is open every day from 8 am to 6 pm. The library is open from 9 am to 5 pm. The ‘Sheikh Russell Children’s Park’ has been constructed at the initiative of Tungipara Municipality next to Bangabandhu Mausoleum Complex. You can also visit there.

Not only the mausoleum complex, but there is also much more to see in the surrounding area. Bangabandhu’s original ancestral home, childhood playground, Bangabandhu’s favorite pillow mango tree, Sheikh Bari Jame Mosque (established in 1854) etc. There is Hijaltala Ghat, where Bangabandhu used to bathe as a child. You will see a large and a small pond of the Sheikh family’s tradition.

“We are proud of our area,” said Tariqul Islam, a van driver from Gimadanga village in Tungipara. Thousands of people visit this mausoleum every day. This is our pride for Bangabandhu. ‘

Those verses of the poem seem to come again and again while visiting this mausoleum complex of Tungipara and various monuments of Bangabandhu’s memory.

As long as the river Padma Jamuna Gauri Meghna flows, so long will your Sheikh Mujibur Rahman…

How to get there …

Tungipara can be reached by bus from Dhaka. The bus has two routes. One from Gabtali to Paturia, the other from Gulistan to Mawa Ghat. The distance from Gabtali to Tungipara is 240 km. It takes five and a half to six hours to reach Tungipara by bus called Golden Line, Service Green Line, Comfort Line. Buses are available every half hour. The rent is 350 rupees per person.

The distance from Gulistan to Tungipara is 160 km. Tungipara can be reached by taking Tungipara Express, Seba Greece Line and Madhumati Paribahan buses. Buses will be available every half hour. The rent is 300 rupees per person.

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