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Haven’t seen it – let’s visit the rocky museum of Bangladesh

Haven’t seen it – let’s visit the rocky museum of Bangladesh

Government Women’s College in Panchagarh district has the only stone museum in Bangladesh. The stone museum is known as the ‘Rocks Museum’. This rocky museum can be visited by those who are interested.

The Rocks Museum has a variety of new and old stones. Next to each stone is written separately a description of where the stone was collected from and who collected it.

The museum has many other types of artifacts including gravel, sedimentary rock, igneous rock, silica gravel, and silica sand, yellow and dark yellow sand, mineral sand, glass sand, limestone, silt and pottery, hard rock, and many more. There are also dinghy boats from thousands of years ago.

A car to Panchagarh is available from different places including Shyamoli in Dhaka. It will cost around Tk. 500 and it will take 12 hours to reach Panchagarh. After getting off the bus in Panchagarh, you can go to the stone museum by rickshaw, the rickshaw will cost 2 takas. the stone museum or Rox Museum, many people will not recognize it, so they will say Government Women’s College.


The Government Women’s College has two gates, and as soon as you enter through the distant gate you will find a stone museum. There are different quality hotels to stay in Panchagarh, if you search a little you will find the hotel of your choice.

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