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Travel: 4 small cities in Europe overflowing with boundless beauty

Travel: 4 small cities in Europe overflowing with boundless beauty

Photo: Bruges, Belgium

For those who are crazy about traveling, all the famous tourist cities in the world are considered the best destinations. Those thinking of traveling to Europe are told about four cities that many are unaware of.
All the small towns of these different countries. But full of infinite beauty.

1. Aix-en-Provence in France

Aix-en-Provence in France

An ideal place to spend a lazy holiday. This city has a lot of old history and tradition. It was founded by the Romans in 122 BC. One of the most popular cities in France for its beautiful architecture, lush green boulevards, public squares, and fresh food.

There are 40 fountains in this small town. These were made in the 16th and 18th centuries. There is St. Surveyor’s Cathedral, built in the 16th century.

2. Girona of Spain

Girona of Spain

The neighboring city of Barcelona is even more famous. But the amazing view of Girona will keep you enchanted. This city in Northern Catalonia is famous for its diverse culture, food, and nightlife. The river Tir has divided the city into two parts. The historic Sikibhag is in the east. There are some medieval mansions. And the western part is decorated with some great avenues, boutique houses, and cafes.

Ferrara of Italy

A city in Italy during the Renaissance that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Palazzo del Diamanti Palace during the Renaissance is a testament to this. It’s the city’s National Art Gallery. Ferrara has been named because of its construction style.
The palace has been built with 12,600 marble blocks.

4. Bruges of Belgium

The whole of Belgium’s romance is overflowing in this small and small town that runs along the two sides of the canal. A romantic and enjoyable trip to the canal will give you great pleasure. Here is the Church of Our Lady. There is Michelangelo’s sculpture ‘Madonna and Child’. There are medieval bell towers. The world-famous chocolate and wafers will be found in this beautiful city.

Travel: 4 small cities in Europe overflowing with boundless beauty

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