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Travel to New York 24 hours a day

Travel to New York 24 hours a day

New York is a city famous for its culture, history, elite food, variety of street food, fashion, and strange times at night. It will take a long time to get a full taste of this city. But you can enjoy a lot in just 24 hours. If you have the opportunity to visit this city for a very short time, you can visit certain places within 24 hours. Take advice on that here.

1. Absolute bezels

Absolute bezels

Start the morning just like the real New Yorkers. Have breakfast with freshly prepared food. And Absolute Bezels is the ideal place for this. They have a shop on the Upper West Side. You will never forget the taste of their creamy bezels.

2. Central Park

The park is spread over 643 acres. This green part of Manhattan is surrounded by skyscrapers. Among them, Central Park looks like heaven. The park has lakes, fountains, ponds, bridges, sculptures, architecture.

3. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Head out here to cool off in the fresh air of Central Park. It is located at Museum Mile. Fifth Avenue is the location of all the important museums in the city. You can see thousands of works of art collected here. There is a 16th-century Chinese garden court. There are also paintings by all the great artists of Europe.

4. Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue

Elite Street, where all the world-famous fashion brands are. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Armani, Versace, Carter, and Apple, what’s not here? Even if you don’t shop, don’t forget to take a walk to see the glittering shops.

5. Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

What else is a New York visit without seeing this iconic architecture? From Brooklyn to Lower Manhattan and from there by Staten Island ferry you can go to see this architecture. It is a statue of the Roman goddess Libertas. France gave it as a gift to America. It was established in 18 south of Manhattan.

Travel to New York 24 hours a day

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