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Bajra Shahi Jame Mosque of Mughal architecture

Bajra Shahi Jame Mosque of Mughal architecture

Mughal architecture is scattered in different parts of Bangladesh. Similarly, the Bajra Shahi Mosque, a monument of Mughal architecture, is located about 15 km north-west of Begumganj Upazila Sadar in the Noakhali district.

The mosque was built in 1641 during the reign of Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah under the supervision of Aman Ullah and Sana Ullah, the jagirdars of the pargana. The mosque was built in Mughal architecture in imitation of the Delhi Shahi Mosque.

The naming history of the mosque is known from the fact that Umar Shah, a prominent missionary from Iran, came to the region in a barge or small royal boat to spread Islam. That is why it is called Bajra Shahi Mosque.

Later, in 1926, Khan Bahadur Ali Ahmed and Khan Bahadur Mujir Uddin, zamindars of Bajra, undertook the renovation of the mosque. At present, the mosque is decorated in a special way with a combination of porcelain plates, cups, and small and large pieces of glass. This method is called chinidana work or chinidikri.

This half-domed mosque has three domes and a beautiful arch. There are many domes at the entrance. The main dome is decorated with three marble paths.
The mosque is 275 years old. On November 29, 1997, the mosque became affiliated to the Department of Archeology. Many domestic and foreign tourists visit the mosque every day.

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If you want to go from Dhaka, take a bus from the Sayedabad bus stand to Chaumuhani of Noakhali. The bus will cost 350 rupees. From there, get off at Bajra Shahi Jame Mosque by CNG or auto. You can also go by train. The ‘Coastal’ train leaves for Noakhali every morning from the capital’s Kamalapur railway station. Chaumuhani hit the train. After that, you can go to the mosque located in Bajra Bazar by CNG again.


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