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Singapore is a country full of travel and shopping

Singapore is a country full of travel and shopping

If you want to visit all the wonderful places and have a lot of fun, you can go to Singapore. This country is called one of the smallest microcosms in Asia. A diverse mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian and European cultures has taken place here. So the environment here is rich in diversity. There is nothing that you do not like in Singapore.

May to September of the year is a great time to travel. People here speak English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil. Thaipujam, Hari Raya Haji, Chinese New Year festivals will give you different tastes and experiences.

You can see a lot here in just 24 hours. If you have at least one day, you can follow the list below.

1. Morning walk at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Nothing opens in Singapore before 11am. So you have not been able to start a tourism campaign anywhere before. Botanic gardens can be a great place to spend time. The park opens at 5 a.m. every morning for morning joggers. So you can go there and practice Chi for a while.

2. Breakfast in Singapore

Have a hearty breakfast just like the people of that country used to have breakfast. Avoid foods you don’t like. One of the tropical fruits popular among the locals is Pandan flavored coconut jam called Kaya.

3. Traveling in Little India

Little India is in that country. Noisy area. A place full of car horns, bicycle bells and various sounds. But this area is rich in the most cultural diversity of Singapore.

4. This time the destination is Chinatown

Chinatown became the most interesting place in any city. There are colors, smells and flavors from all over Asia. There are all kinds of shops here.

5. Shopping at Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is a paradise for those who are in the habit of shopping. Here are the shops of all the famous brands of the world. There is an endless supply of international and local brands.

6. Ride on Singapore Flyer

It is not a matter of turning around in a 165 meter high wheel. This is Singapore’s response to the London Eye Ferry Wheel. This cycle takes about half an hour to complete. Don’t forget to miss.

7. Pet worship in Forliano

The taste of delicious Italian food will match here. Forliano on the roof of the One Fullerton Hotel. You can see the whole view of Marina Bay from here.

8. Jooke the party

Jook got up at the night party. A place full of dances, songs and festivals. This area is open to those who are looking forward to spending the night in the hustle and bustle. Source: Happy Trips


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