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Let’s visit Muruguma Lake in Purulia India

Let’s visit Muruguma Lake in Purulia India

If you are going to visit Kolkata now, this is the best time to explore the nature of Purulia. Go out with the team on the way to Muruguma. Bake yourself in the indigenous villages on the border of Jharkhand for two days! Many people come to the area while trekking in the hills of Ayodhya.
Muruguma is there. A huge reservoir of standing water. Needless to say, the beauty of Muruguma Dam is more at this time. Finding countless birds in the bushes, watching the sunset by the dam, campfire by the water at night, and the dances of the aborigines — all combine to make the trip worthwhile.
There is no shortage of places to visit around Muruguma. Jhalda, Pakhipahar, Bamni Waterfall, Turga Falls, Deulghata Temple, Khayrabera Lake! Ruposhi Bangla has decorated Purulia with both hands. You have to visit this district once to see the amazing beauty even in the roughness.
If you plan to go at that time, if there is an indigenous festival going on at that time, Sohaga in gold! You too can join. As mentioned earlier, Chhau dancers also organize special Mahisasurmardini turns for tourists.

It is like observing the rural life here separately. We need to see with our own eyes how the Bhumiputras are spending their days fighting with adversity by cultivating a little.

The deep forest of Shal-Pial and the soil of Manbhum are now wet with rain. If you have time for several days, you can turn the tiger head at the same time with ease. Rent a car and visit Upper Dam, Lower Dam, Marble Lake from Muruguma. However, your weekend will be cut as soon as you turn the whole Jhalda-Ayodhya circuit based on Muruguma.
On the night of the full moon, Murugumar Dam became unearthly! At that time, it is better to leave the bonfire or the sound of the guitar and sit by the water and feel the silent night. In winter, the whole area becomes red and covered with Palash. And the cold is falling! Now it is winter so you can plan with friends or family.

▶ How to go

You have to catch the train to Purulia. Take trains like Ruposhi Bangla, Chakradharpur, Ranchi-Hatiyar to Namun Jhalda station. You can also go down to Muri. You have to rent a car from the station. Muruguma Lake, 45 km from Purulia town. Begunkodar can be. If you go by bike or car, take National Highway 19.

▶ Where to stay

There are several homestays here. It will be easier to capture the true nature of the place if it is somewhere like that. There is also a resort right next to the dam. You can check the internet and book in advance.


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