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Dinajpur world travel nature dazzling Singra forest!

Dinajpur world travel nature dazzling Singra forest!

At one time, Singra Forest was a sanctuary for tigers, blue cows, and other wild animals. Singra Forest is an enchanting nature with beautiful secluded trees and plants. Which has been able to attract visitors, tourists.

It is located in Birganj Upazila, 40 km north of Dinajpur district town by road. The distance from Birganj city to Singra forest is about 5 km.

It can be reached by road from Dinajpur district headquarters via Birganj. People from different parts of the country come here to entertain or picnic. There is a small range of rest houses for those who are thirsty for travel. There are two picnic spots. Many people from different places gather for picnics, especially in the winter season.

This forest is made more attractive by the flowing river. As you walk along the banks of the river, you will see different species of ornamental trees on either side.

The agar and bamboo-cane gardens inside the shale forest are also spectacular to everyone. Going deeper into the forest, you will see the ancient deciduous forest of Singra.

Apart from shawls, however, Jamrul, Tarul, Shilkarai, Shimul, Minjiri, Teak, Gamar, Akashmani, Ghoranim, Sonalu, Gutijam, Haratki, Boyra, Amalaki. And there are different types of unnamed plants and shrubs in this forest. Apart from this, different species of birds and insects including rabbits, foxes, snakes, beji, and vultures can be seen in this forest.

Singra Forest can become an attractive tourist destination only if the necessary planning, electricity, water, and security of tourists are provided.

Singra Forest in Dinajpur is a unique scene of a magical handshake in a secluded environment to get rid of the noise of the busiest city.

Mohammad Abdul Awal Sarkar, Divisional Forest Officer, Dinajpur Social Forest Department, said that on October 10, 2010, the Forest Department declared 655.50 acres of this forest land on 755.50 acres of land in Bhognagar UP, Birganj as a national park. The forest has been named Singra Forest after Singra Mouza.

The forest was annexed in 1885 and after the independence of Bangladesh in 1974, a gazette was published under the Forest Department. This deep forest is slowly turning into a locality. Due to the lack of conservation including tree theft, the vegetation is reduced.

Since then, the Forest Department has continued its efforts to conserve the biodiversity of the Singra Shawl Forest.

Divisional Forest Officer Mohammad Abdul Awal said the government had planned to plant 90,000 trees from last June to turn the Singra Forest into a deeper forest. 30,000 trees have already been planted. Besides, 9 forest protection committees have been formed with the tribals around this forest.

The average number of visitors to this forest is 180-200 per day. The number of visitors is likely to increase three to four times as soon as some renovations are started, including reviving the Baromas Nort River through a rubber dam, setting up a tower, constructing a children’s park, constructing a seat for visitors, and constructing a beautiful gate.

Increasing the number of visitors will create revenue as well as income and employment opportunities for the forest dwellers and the Singra Shalban will get back its past history.

Pradeep Kumar Sarkar, project manager of RDRS, said there was no alternative to the active role of the people living around the forest in sacrificing biodiversity or protecting the forest. As well as the friendly behavior of the forest department is required.

RDRS Bangladesh has provided a revolving fund of Tk. 6 lakh as part of alternative income to reduce forest dependence, including raising public awareness among forest dwellers and shawl stalk collectors to restore the lost biodiversity of the Singra Shawl forest.

Dinajpur world travel nature dazzling Singra forest!


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