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Glimpses of heaven – Birishiri In Bangladesh

Glimpses of heaven – Birishiri In Bangladesh

Many have seen the deep blue water of St. Martin’s in Bangladesh or the crystal clear water of Jaflong; But have you heard the story of the strange-colored lake in the green-blue mix?

The lake is located at Birishiri in Durgapur, Netrokona. A lake of blue-green water rising from the chest of a huge porcelain mountain. However, you have to go a little further to see the main lake, Vijaypur.

The main attraction of Birishiri is this lake. There is also a diverse cultural environment, Kashaban on the banks of the Kangsh-Tepa-Someshwari river and meditative portraits of the Garo Hills leaning against the distant sky.

There is a hill cultural academy in Birishiri. More than 80 percent of the population is ethnic Garo, Hajong, etc. Their cultural richness can be found in the museum of this academy and in the two informative libraries. Much of the exception is their way of life, which will amaze and fascinate you. In the Hajong language, the name of the Tebhaga movement is Tunka Biplob.

There are many monuments of the short revolution here; There is a memorial of the legendary comrade Moni Singh of the Tebhaga movement.

St. Joseph’s Church will be on the way to Vijaypur Porcelain Hills. It is a well-arranged, quiet, nice church. All your fatigue will be gone in an instant if you look at the blue-green lake across the chest of the Chinese earthen mountain. The magnificent blue Someshwari river flows through the foothills. It is a miraculous beauty that the blue water of the river reflects the white porcelain mountains.

The church of Ranikhong is also located on the 6 km north border of Durgapur. It is different to see Birishiri from the top of this hill. There are also the ruins of the ancient Kamala Rani Dighi next to the Union Parishad.

How to get there: Different buses leave from Mohakhali in Dhaka for Durgapur and Birishiri.

The rent is 300 rupees during the day and 400 rupees at night. Occasionally people will pick up on the street, but at night there is usually a direct bus. If you want to go to the Chinese mountain, you can rent a rickshaw from the bus stand for 200-300 rupees. Rickshaw pullers will act as your guide. You can also go by motorcycle, it will take less time. However, in this case, it will cost more money, although you will not be able to travel for long.

But why is it late? Come to Birishiri of Netrokona, enjoy the heavenly bosom in the bosom of mortals.

Glimpses of heaven – Birishiri In Bangladesh

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