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Let’s visit Maina Island in Mymensingh.

Let’s visit Maina Island in Mymensingh.

A large island has been created at a distance of only 5 km from Zero Point, very close to Mymensingh city. Everyone knows this island as ‘Mainar Island’.

No one knew about this place before. Now the name of Moyna Island is on the lips of everyone who is thirsty for local travel. Since then the movement of people here has increased at a tremendous rate.

Now people flock to Moyna Island in groups to get rid of the hustle and bustle of the city or to have a picnic. Now a very popular place is called Moyna Island.

Way to Moyna Island

By road and rail

Mymensingh can be reached by bus or train from Dhaka. You can also take a car or a micro. It takes two and a half to three hours to go from Mohakhali bus stand to Mymensingh chair coach. Chair coach rent is 220 Taka.

The train leaves Kamalapur and Bimanbandar stations for Mymensingh every day. Rent is also very limited. 110 to 200 Taka depending on the class. And if it is a personal vehicle, you can leave as you are independent.

From Mymensingh, Maskanda bus stands you have to go by rickshaw, battery-powered auto-rickshaw, or CNG to the last turn of the Agricultural University. It may take 20-25 minutes. If you go and ask anyone, they will show you the autopsy island.

Rickshaws can cost around 25-40 Taka. 10-15 Taka per person in auto-rickshaw. And if you take the reserve, it is like 60-100 Taka.

Food – Arrangement

No chess shops can be found in the vicinity of Maina Island. If you want to stay all day, you have to take it with food. If you stay in Dhaka, you can go down to Mymensingh city and eat at any hotel or restaurant.

At a low cost, you can get a variety of delicious local curry or mash at a standard hotel at the corner of Jabbar Agricultural University. If you want, you can eat duck and pigeon meat here. Or if you take the necessary food items and cooks, you can dig a stove and cook and eat there too.

If you want to stay

There are no passenger tents or houses here. There is no accommodation. If you travel from Dhaka or anywhere in the country, you can stay in residential hotels in Mymensingh city. The quality is quite good. Rent in hotels and Manvede up to 200-3500 Taka.

Ordinary VIP hotels are all there. The road distance from the city center point is three to four km. 15-20 minutes by battery-powered auto rickshaw.

Let’s visit Maina Island in Mymensingh.

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