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Turn around – 10 most interesting places to visit

10 most interesting places to visit

There are many places to travel in this world full of beautiful horizons. Just as there is a comfortable place full of natural beauty, there is also a place full of inaccessible, thrilling, terrifying beauty. This report is about the coolest, warmest, and driest thrilling travel destination in the world.

The steepest slope: Mount Thor in Canada is 5,495 feet high and is the steepest mountain in the world. This is the popular summit in Canada, which is made of pure granite. Mount Thor has 4,101 feet of vertical canyons at an average angle of 105 degrees.

Although it is a very inaccessible and remote area, it is still a very preferred place for mountaineers. Apart from mountaineering, there are lovely camps and beautiful places for tourists to visit.

The oldest settlement in the world: Oimiakon, a small town in Russia, is the oldest settlement in the world. According to the 1924 census, the registered temperature here is -96.18 degrees Fahrenheit.

The current population of the city is only 500. In winter, the average temperature in the city is -56 degrees Fahrenheit, which is very severe. The city is frozen all year round and there is only one hotel in the city.

The driest place on earth: adequate protection if you want to explore the Atacama Desert in Chile; Especially with sunscreen, water, food, etc. should be out. According to research by NASA and National Geographic, the surface of the Atacama Desert is like the surface of Mars, which is always heated. From October 1903 to January 1918, not a drop of rain fell in the Atacama Desert, which is considered to be the longest rainless period in the history of the world.Turn around – 10 most interesting places to visit

This is a fairly sparse area. However, there are several hotels in the Atacama Desert that are specially reserved for tourists.

The closest place in space: Space travel is not possible for most people. However, there are two ways – the first is to go to the International Space Station and see the space in the video and the second is to travel to Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador. Mount Chimborazo contains a dormant volcano that last erupted in 550 AD. Mount Chimborazo is about 20,000 feet high.

Where Everest is 29,000 feet high. The location of Mount Chimborazo on Earth is a place that is farthest from the center of the earth. So if you stand on the top of this mountain, you can reach the space and this is the only place on earth where you can walk to the nearest space. The summit of Mount Chimborazo is completely covered with snow, but there are several ways to climb the mountain.

The warmest place on earth: Temperatures in Iran’s Lut Desert rise to 156 degrees Fahrenheit, which is one of the reasons for heatstroke. According to locals, the Iranian word for ‘loot’ means ‘fried wheat’, the story behind which is that if some wheat is left in the desert, it turns into a spark of fire. Here come the tourists who love to take the challenge of surviving the extreme temperatures and extreme aridity.

The most isolated place in the world: Tristan da Cunha, located in the waters of the United Kingdom, is the most isolated place in the world. It is closer to Africa than the United Kingdom, and the distance from Africa to the island is 1,650 miles.

The island was discovered in 1508 by the Portuguese sailor Tristao da Cunha. The island has a population of about 300 and no airport. The only way to reach here is by sea.

Earth’s coldest continent: Antarctica is the fifth-largest continent in the world. It is known as the coldest and driest place. Those who come here have to go through a lot of hardships, first through the air and then through the inaccessible ice. Although there is a spectacular natural ice view here, the risk is endless.

The wettest place in the world: Maosinram in India receives an average of 48 inches of rain a year. In 1975, it received 1,000 inches of rain, which took place in the Guinness Book of World Records, and since then Mausinram has been known as the wettest place on earth. Due to the tropical climate and the influence of abundant monsoon winds, Mawsinram is not only a convenient place to live but also a great place to travel.

The world’s highest waterfall: Venezuela’s Angel Falls is located in an isolated forest and is impossible to reach easily. Yet it is one of the best travel destinations in Venezuela.

The world’s scariest seas: Since 1995, it has been fascinating to cross the sea with the Great White Shark from a cage in Gatsby, South Africa. Gatsby is the largest species of shark in South Africa and the only place to watch this popular death game is Gatsby. Moreover, whale watching is another popular thing to do at Pearl Beach in Gatsby. Turn around – 10 most interesting places to visit

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