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Visit Faiz Lake, a sanctuary of aesthetic beauty in Bangladesh

Visit Faiz Lake, a sanctuary of aesthetic beauty in Bangladesh,

Travel Pipasura selects places to travel on a number of topics. At least three of the topics will match Faizlek in Bangladesh. If you visit the lake, you will have the opportunity to take a boat ride with the natural beauty and rare species of birds. That is why Faiz Lake in Bangladesh is a sanctuary of beauty for those who are thirsty for travel.

Built on about 338 acres of land in Chittagong, Faiz Lake attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists every day of the year due to its natural beauty. There are boat trips to entertain the visitors. There are rare species of birds and deer in the deer park.

Tracking is available for those who are thirsty for travel.

There are also huge arrangements for concerts. Apart from this, there are some other places to visit around the lake at the same time. Among them, Chittagong Zoo, separate artificial heart, Batali hills are notable.

It is learned that a lake was constructed in 1924 under the supervision of the Assam-Bengal Railway Authority to supply water to the people living in the railway colony. Geologically, these mountain ranges are formed by rocks consisting of two layers.

The lake is formed by changing the direction of the flow of water coming down from the northern mountain range. At that time the lake was known as Pahartali Lake but later the lake was named after railway engineer Fay. Fayez Lake is currently owned by Bangladesh Railway. Concord has built a recreation center around the lake.

If you want to see Fayez Lake, you can visit Chittagong Zoo. Chittagong Zoo is located next to Fayez Lake. There is another artificial heart near Pahartali railway station near the lake. The lake was excavated in 1920 before Faiz Lake was created. That lake has also become a tourist destination. If you visit Faiz Lake, you can see the biggest hill of Chittagong “Batali Hill” which is located next to Faiz Lake.

Where to eat: There is a dining area inside Faizlake. If you want to eat at a relatively low price, you will find many restaurants to eat out of Faizlake.

Where to stay: You can rent a cottage in Faizle. There are also a variety of hotels nearby that actually come out of Faizlake.

How to get there: You can take a bus, train or plane from Dhaka to Chittagong. After going to Chittagong, you can go to Faiz Lake by rickshaw or CNG. Faiz Lake is located in the Pahartali area of ​​Chittagong.

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