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Why is there a cylinder in the charger cable of a laptop?

The cylinder in the charger cable of a laptop

A cylinder can be seen on the charging cord of each laptop. Ever wondered why this cylinder is there?

There is no reason to think that this cylinder is given without any reason. This cylinder also has a name. This is called ferrite bid.

Ferrite bids play an important role in keeping your laptop running smoothly. Laptop moving devices such as hard drives, motherboards, video cards, and other vibrating devices also generate radio frequencies.

In this case, the cylinder is used to protect the laptop from these vibrations and harmful radio frequencies.

It also acts as a laptop antenna. This device also supports when the laptop receives a constant signal while using Wi-Fi. It’s a lot like listening to any favorite song in seven tunes at once.

This cylinder has a magnet inside. The body of this cylinder is made of iron oxide. So Ferry Bid is an affordable device that prevents the laptop from being damaged by other components.

Since there is no such device in the mobile or tablet, there is no such cylinder in the charger cable of these devices.

the cylinder in the charger cable of a laptop



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