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Computer Tips-Keyboard Function Keys From F1 to F12!

Computer Tips-Keyboard Function Keys From F1 to F12

Many of us do a lot of work on the computer. But even after that, many things close to the computer remain unknown to us. As a result, we have to do many simple tasks through all the complexities. But if we try to know a little bit about all these small things then maybe the speed of working on our computer will increase more.
So today I am sharing with you the function of the function keys located on the computer keyboard. Basically, function keys are used to work on computer functions in a very short time. The keyboard has a total of 12 function keys from F1 to F12. And very naturally all the function keys work differently. So let’s find out what all these keys do.
F1 – The function of this key is to launch the Help menu. This means that no matter what program you are in if you press F1 directly from the keyboard, the HELP center/guide located in that program will appear in front of you.
F2 – This key is used to rename a folder.
F3 – Pressing this key will turn on the search option in Microsoft Windows, Office, Internet browsers, etc. programs.
F4 – can quickly paste the latest work/line in Microsoft Office. This is called the last action performed Repeat. Moreover, the program can be quickly closed by pressing Alt + F4.
F5 – This key is mainly used to refresh the computer. Moreover, it is also used for reloading pages in internet browsers.
F6 – Press the cursor to the address bar in an Internet browser.
F7 – This key can be used to correct grammar in Microsoft Office.
F8 – The computer can be turned on in Safe Mode by pressing this key when the computer is turned on.
F9 – Press Quark 5.0’s Measurement Toolbar.
F10 – Quickly select the menu bar by pressing.
F11 – Quick full screen with key.
With F12 – Avro Keyboard can be converted from English to Bengali layout.
As far as I know, all these things can be done with these keys. If you know more about these keys, you can share them with us in the comments. Thanks.
Computer Tips-Keyboard Function Keys From F1 to F12



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