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Clean up computer viruses in this easy way

Clean up computer viruses in this easy way

Many of us computer users know that when we set up Windows, only the system drive, that is, the drive on which the operating system is installed, is formatted. Other drives remain unchanged. As a result, if there is a virus in the system drive, it is deleted. But the viruses on other drives are still sitting on the PC to get home. Many viruses are so deadly that antivirus cannot be installed for them, then these viruses will remain on the PC. Clean up computer viruses in this easy way

Now the question that is popping up in your mind is ‘there is no other way but to format the PC?’ Of course, there is. Usually, viruses that do not allow you to install antivirus on your PC or do not even go with your antivirus, because they are active on your PC, they may prevent you from installing antivirus and may lose the power of your antivirus. So you have to do something so that the viruses are not active.

The virus is active on the PC only when you open the drives of your PC. Suppose your PC has a virus on a drive other than the system drive. Now if you re-open your drives with Windows setup, the viruses will be active again.

Let’s see how to get rid of the virus in an easy way. . .

1. First you set up your windows.

2. Do not install the software (sound, LAN, chipset, video) on the motherboard CD right now.

3. When you first turn on the computer after Windows setup, do not go to ‘MY Computer’ or any of its drives. As a result, the viruses on your PC will not be active.

4. Now install the antivirus software from the antivirus CD or pen drive. When you insert the pen drive into the computer, press shift so that it does not open automatically.

5. Now the viruses will be cleared by scanning each drive from ‘MY Computer. However, be careful not to open any drive before scanning. This can activate viruses on other drives.

Clean up computer viruses in this easy way



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