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If you want to fix the damaged document

If you want to fix the damaged document

Many times useful files in the Microsoft Office program can be damaged or corrupted for unknown reasons. If the necessary files are lost, there are many problems. If you want to fix the damaged document

Whatever you do

Document files are usually lost when an Office program crashes to save them. As long as the file is in good condition, all that was saved is stored in a temporary folder in Windows. If you want, you can go to that temporary folder and use that file to fix the damaged document. A .tmp file is created in the Windows temporary file to restore it later.

For Windows XP

Go to Search from the Start menu. Select All files and folders, type * .tmp in the search box, and press Enter. It will find all .tmp files. Now find your lost file from here. Right-click to see the date and select Sort by / Date modified. Now run the file with the Microsoft Office program and save the document anywhere else.

For Windows Vista, 8 and all subsequent OS

Go to C: / Drive from the computer. Now type: .tmp in the search box in the upper right corner and wait for a while.

If you find a corrupted file, open it as before and save it in a separate place.


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