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World record for crushing poisonous crabs

World record for crushing poisonous crabs

Kanchana Ketkoi, a native of Thailand, is called the Scorpion Queen.

Kanchana has made a name for herself in the Guinness Book of World Records by decorating her body with crabs.

Even the bravest people start sweating when they hear the name of the crab, but it is very easy for Kanchana.

This girl has set a world record of holding her face for 3 minutes and 26 seconds. These crabs are so dangerous that even a single bite can kill a person.

Kanchana did this adventure in Pattaya.

During this stunt, 25 species of crabs were kept.

Kanchana is the girl who set a record of staying in a glass box for 5,000 days among 5,000 live crabs.

World record for crushing poisonous crabs




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