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The young man died while taking a selfie with a snake

The young man died while taking a selfie with a snake
The number of deaths while taking selfies around the world has not decreased. This time the young man died after being bitten by a snake while taking a selfie with the snake. The incident took place in Andhra Pradesh, India. The young man’s name was Jagadish and he was 24 years old

According to the Hindustan Times, in the town of Mangalampet in Andhra Pradesh, young Jagadish picked up a gokhara snake from a basket of snakes and wrapped it around his neck. Later, the gokhra went to take a selfie with the snake and bit his hand.

After a moment the foam started to come out through the mouth of the young man. He was rushed to a local primary care center. When his condition deteriorated, Jagadish died on the way to Sri City Hospital.


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