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5 Super Simple Tips for Online Security

5 Super Simple Tips for Online Security

How is everyone? Today I will discuss something about your internet.

February 10 was Safe Internet Day. This day reminds everyone to protect the internet from danger. The use of the internet and mobile technology encourages us to be more responsible. This day is further reminded of how to secure personal information has been. Online Security

Everyone should take steps to ensure safe online use. Here are some very simple tips on what anyone can do to protect themselves online.

Use two-factor authentication:

Two-factor authentication must be used. That means you have to use two passwords. As a result, if you log in from any other device or service, the user will be notified via text message. Many major websites provide two-factor confirmation. Google was the first. But now Apple’s iCloud, Dropbox, Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook provide some login approvals.

Update browser and device:

Operating system browsers and devices often need updates. It is very annoying but it is necessary. Researchers are constantly discovering security holes so no update notices should actually be ignored.

Take a Google Security check:

Google offered 2GB of storage space on this day until February 16th, and it takes a few minutes to quickly test your Google Account.

Use HTTPS if possible:

HTTPS is the secure version of the HyperText Transfer Protocol that precedes the web address www.
This letter sits. The last S letter here makes a big difference. Using HTTPS corrects the website you are using.

5 Super Simple Tips for Online Security



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