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Google’s birthday details and Google is now ‘Adult’

Google’s birthday details and Google is now ‘Adult’

So far, Google has celebrated birthdays on four different dates, September 6, 7, 28, and 28. Interestingly, Google has nothing special to do with any of this. Google was born out of a 1998 project for a Ph.D. by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two Stanford University students.

However, Google Inc. was registered in the United States on September 4, 1997, as an organization. Market analysts say that this is the most reliable date for Google’s birthday. Today marks the 16th anniversary of Google. The project of two friends set up in a friend’s garage has now turned into an 18-year-old Google.

* Google started its journey in 1997 with an investment of one lakh dollars. As of Saturday afternoon, Google’s market value stood at 54.9 billion.

* Google now acquires more than one company per week on average. As of June this year, Google has acquired 190 companies.

* Two co-founders and their first employee, their friend Craig Silverstein — these three co-operated Google in the early days. Google currently has 56,100 employees working in various offices.

* Google searches for data 23 lakh times per second, the amount is 2 lakh crore in a year. More than half of the information is sought from mobile phones.

* Google’s first storage was arranged on a small Lego board. At present, there are 15 data centers spread across the globe, including 9 in the United States, 2 in Asia, and 4 in Europe.

Google’s birthday details and Google is now ‘Adult’

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