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How to Delete this information to keep Facebook safe

How to Delete this information to keep Facebook safe

Facebook is one of the social media in this age of technology. However, after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the Facebook authorities have faced questions about the security of information.

Many have already closed their Facebook accounts. Again, many are worried about the security of their profile. However, if you are a little careful about a few things, you can easily avoid hackers.

1. There are some things to keep in mind before posting personal information on Facebook. Hackers can easily get all the information of the bank account from the name and address of the user on Facebook. If you share the phone number above it, there is no protection. You can also get phone calls from hackers.

2. Setting a location on Facebook is another dangerous job. By setting this location, hackers will know about your location. That place may not be your home or workplace, but finding you will not be difficult for hackers.

3. The problem is with making more friends on Facebook. Robin Dunbar, a professor at the Oxford Internet Institute, says: But a man can have a relationship with 150 friends at once. According to Dunbar, 4.1 percent of his friends on Facebook are completely dependent on Dunbar, and 13.6 percent of users see their face only when they need it, during their emotional crisis. Robin thinks it would be better for users to avoid such unnecessary friends.

4. Never go to any other page from Facebook to shop, never give all the credit card information for any other purpose. There are also allegations that the bank account has been hacked while giving the information of this credit card.

5. Boarding pass information should not be shared at all. Because hackers can get all your information with the barcode number of this pass.

How to Delete this information to keep Facebook safe



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