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How to beware of fake profiles on Facebook

How to beware of fake profiles on Facebook

From talk on Facebook to love, cheating, finally suicide. Such incidents are heard almost every day now. Social media is full of criminal activities behind fake profiles. Again, many people create fake profiles out of revenge. Be careful. Try to understand whether it is a fake profile.

1. Think twice before making friends with strangers. Do not add anyone in the competition to increase the number of friends on the friend list. Ask questions when you receive an unknown request. Want to know why he sent you the request. Only accept if you think the answer is believable.

2. Read the profile carefully. See if you have clear information about what you do, where you live, where you study. If you have any doubts about the name of an organization or a university, do a Google search. People who are very young but call themselves professors or CEOs, must think when sending a friend request. They do a lot to make the profile attractive.

3. Take a closer look at the friend liest. Are Ener’s friends mostly local? Or mostly foreign? If you see that most of the friends are foreigners then of course the man is suspicious.

4. Be careful even if you don’t know each other. Ask a friend if you know the friend request person. Only add if you get a credible answer.

5. Take a closer look at the photos. Spending time with friends, having pictures with family? Has anyone tagged ENA? If so, what does their profile say? Are the pictures suspicious? Is there a picture of a very handsome young or beautiful woman in the profile? Or no picture? If so, be careful.

. What kind of thing does Ini post? Most of the pictures or quotations? Check to see if there are any basic posts. If so, be sure to check if your friends have commented on it, liked it, or shared it.

. If you have already added, keep an eye on what he is saying. Is the conversation inconsistent? Do you give additional information about yourself or not at all? Both of these are but dubious. If in doubt, ask counter questions.

. Phone number – Do not give your phone number, email address in a short conversation. If you see him asking for your number on the first day, you must be careful.

9. Love- If you express love or dedication to love from the beginning, feel free to remove Anna from the friend list. Such offers often come from fake profiles.

10. Indecent proposal – If this is the case, block it immediately. If you are asked to send pictures while chatting or like all your pictures, then you will understand that the person is dangerous. It is better to block them.

How to beware of fake profiles on Facebook


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