Educational Story

Educational story- Change change

Educational story- Change change

“I gave the SSC of the service. The first public exam, I think so much tension – who knows what happens! So at a time like this, the day will give the result of the SSC – on a day like this my friend and I were walking down the street.

I like to eat coke. As usual, I had a bottle of coke with me in extreme tension. I am walking along the road – I am discussing various issues, but the issue of that result is not going away from my head anymore! Walking in tension, I finished the whole coke with one pull and threw the bottle at another corner of the road.

My friend said nothing. I saw him go to that corner a little later. Crossing the street, he picked up the bottle I had thrown away, then said to me, “Let’s go, let’s go.”

Educational story- Change change

I thought to myself, I think my friend’s house will need an empty plastic bottle, his mother asked him to bring the bottle, that’s why the poor man picked up the bottle with difficulty. My idea was wrong.

A little later my friend saw a dustbin across the street. He crossed the road again, threw the bottle in the dustbin, then looked at me in a calm manner and said, “Come on!”

When I told the whole story, it came in the middle of my chest. Absolutely silently my friend secretly slapped me, the matter was quite serious that day. Many people, starting from my mother and father, have told me many times to put the dirt in the right place – but I put it in with one ear and took it out with the other ear, as usual.

But this friend of mine, in absolute silence, did a great job and brought about a radical change in me. What my mother had not been able to bring with me all my life, seeing this silent protest of my friend, I promised that I would not throw dirt there anymore. Never.

Starting from that. Never forgot to use the dustbin. One of my friend’s silent protests became the birthplace of my change. I would also quietly pick up any dirt that was left around and throw it in the dustbin. ”

Educational story- Change change

Written by – Ayman Sadiq



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