Educational Story

Educational Story-They love you impossible

Educational Story-They love you impossible

A woman used to feed a python.

He loved the snake impossibly.

The dragon was 4 meters long and looked quite healthy.

One day, his beloved python suddenly stopped eating and drinking.

A few weeks passed, but the snake ate nothing.

The woman became anxious and took the snake to the doctor as she did not know how to do it.

The doctor listened intently and asked, “Does the snake sleep with you at night?”

The woman replied- yes.

– Does it come close to you while you sleep?

– Yes

– Then gently wrap you around?

The woman was surprised and replied-

This time the doctor said something very scary and unexpected.

– Madam, the snake hugs you, wraps around you, because it is taking your size. Preparing yourself to attack you. And yes, he has stopped eating and drinking enough space to make it easier for you to digest.

Proverbs: There may be many people around you who you think are close to you, who seem to love you unconditionally. Maybe your loss is their main purpose.

Educational Story-They love you impossible

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