Educational Story

Educational story-You can you must

Educational story-You can you must

A very large company suddenly lost business.

One afternoon, employees of the company saw a notice at the entrance of the office while returning from lunch in the outer canteen.

The notice said,

‘The man responsible for our company’s losses died yesterday.

His body was kept in a coffin in the seminar room. Anyone who wants to see it is invited. ‘

People were sad at first when they heard the news of the death of a colleague.

But then they became curious, wondering who the real man might be.

They all came together in the seminar room, all thinking, ‘Who is the man who stood in the way of our success?

But whatever he is, he is no longer alive.

One by one they went to the coffin and looked inside. Suddenly they were speechless, stunned. It was as if their very own body was lying there.

Inside the coffin was a mirror.

The one who looked inside could see his own face.

It was written on a piece of paper on one side of the mirror, there is only one person in the whole world who can stop you from succeeding, and that is ‘you’ yourself.

You are the only person who can change your life, make you happy, help you, make you happy.

Your life doesn’t change when your office boss changes, when your guardian changes, your friends change, your life changes when you change yourself.

Only when you can cross the line of your own belief in your abilities does your life change, the goals of life are fulfilled.

Enlighten your surroundings with your own light.

Educational story-You can you must


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