Educational Story

Educational Story – Nothing can stop your progress

Educational Story – Nothing can stop your progress

Rabindranath ran away from school. Nazrul could not read much. Lalon did not understand what school? Today, people are researching them and earning Ph.D. degrees. Andrew Carnegie was not allowed to enter the park for dirty clothes. Thirty years later, he bought the park and put up a sign saying “open to all.” Steve Job used to walk 6 miles to church in the hope of a good meal in just one day.

Baba Ambedkar, the framer of the Constitution of India, used to sit on the school verandah and take classes because he was a lower caste Hindu. No car would take him. He walked miles and miles to test. The Governor of Bangladesh Bank has written to raise money from the market. Although he was able to repay all the debts, he never dared to repay the money.

Thinking of a beautiful face? Sheikh Saadi’s face was ugly enough, Lata Mungeskar’s face is not beautiful at all. Timur Long was lame, Napoleon was on the island. Sachin Tendulkar’s height is known. Abraham Lincoln’s face and hands were large enough. Thinking of memory power? Einstein could not remember his home address and phone number.

#Education:: Nothing can be tied to your progress. If something gets stuck. But it is your inner fear. Learn to overcome fear and overcome success.



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