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Every morning there is a strong snow storm on Mars!

Every morning there is a strong snow storm on Mars!

Strong snowstorms hit the red planet Mars. And that storm happens every day at dawn.

Scientists have come to know about such a possibility. However, the amount of ice is not much. Even if you set foot on Mars, you will not need special shoes for ice. Researchers at the University of Pierre Curie in France have recently claimed that.

Mars is much colder than Earth. The temperature is more or less minus 125 degrees Celsius. There is no possibility of water melting in this severe cold.

According to the researchers, most of the atmosphere of Mars has been blown away. So its atmosphere is very thin. As a result, the back of Mars, the ‘red planet’, is much hotter than the Earth in the heat of the sun. So even if there is the slightest amount of water on the back of Mars, it will disappear very soon. That evaporating water rises to the top and freezes into ice. Those pieces of ice float in the clouds of Mars. When the clouds become heavy, the ice cubes start coming down on Mars in the early hours of the night.

According to a recent study published in the international science journal Nature, ice falls from clouds on Mars at a very fast rate. In 5-10 minutes, it fills the 1-2 km area of ​​the soil of Mars. It was known before that it takes hours or days. It can be said that the weather is a little wet as the snow is mixed in the clouds.

Every morning there is a strong snow storm on Mars



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