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The grandfather of our post-pieces hobby of telling stories

The grandfather of our post-pieces hobby of telling stories

The grandfather of our post office is very fond of telling stories. Wherever he was invited to the meeting, he opened his collection of stories. Sadly, his collection is very small — so many bound stories, that’s what he turns around and runs everywhere. But why do people like to hear the same story over and over again? Listening to the story of the grandfather does not make people smile anymore. But the old man’s enthusiasm did not diminish at all. Humorous story – the grandfather of our hobby of storytelling

Suddenly, he collected a new story from somewhere and told it to Mukhjed’s Majlis. The story is very small but still, everyone got it by paying attention to Barababu.

Grandpa didn’t understand that, he thought the story was very relevant. So, two days later, sitting at the invitation of Jadu Mallick’s house, he told the story again in a very stylish manner.

A couple of people who had never heard of it before got quite a bit of it. The old man thought the story was good.

Then in the rice of the doctor’s son, he told the same story again with great enthusiasm.

This time no one but the doctor smiled after hearing the story, but the old man himself laughed.

Even then, when he told the same story in two or three other places, some of us were shocked.

Bishu said, “No, I can’t stand it anymore. We’ve been waiting for so long for Barababu, but the enthusiasm for his story is not diminishing.”

Two days later, ten or twelve of us were sitting and talking when the statue of Barababu Nadusnudus appeared.

We said, “Beware today! No one will laugh at his story! Let’s see what he does.”

As soon as Barababu sat down, Bishu said, “No, Barababu, how is it nowadays?

He used to tell all the funny stories. Nowadays, where? It’s as if he’s fainting. “

The old man was deeply offended by this. His story didn’t freeze like before, he didn’t like it at all.

He said, “But? Well, Ross. I’ll tell you a story today that will break your pulse with laughter.”

Saying this, he started a story from his meager capital. But what if the story is told? None of us agreed to smile — we all sat on the wood.

Bishu said, “No, this story is not good.” Then Barababu told him five or seven stories one by one from that capital.

But everyone’s face became more serious like an owl! Then the old man got angry. He said, “Go away! You don’t know how to laugh – you don’t understand the value of the story – you want to hear the story again!

After hearing this story, the inspector laughed and grumbled that day: Do you understand all this? ”

Then one of us said, “Is he a grandpa? We don’t know how to laugh.”

What did you say? Think about how many times I laughed when I heard your story.

Nowadays, your stories are not so open – where is the laughter?

So, when Bishuda tells the story, do we laugh? What did you say? ”

Barababu laughed and said, “Bishu? Does he know the story again? Hey, he hesitates to say two things at once, will he tell the story again?”

Bishu said, “Wonderful! Didn’t you hear my story?”

We all cheered and said, “Yeah, yeah, give it a go.”

Bishu then became serious and said, “There was only one king” – on hearing this, four or five of us laughed and said, “Hey, the story of the king, the story of the king! – Haha ha ha ha.”

Bishu said, “The king has three sons.”

As soon as we heard it, we laughed so loudly together that Bishu himself was startled.

Everyone laughed and I rolled over and read on it — someone said, “Please Bishuda, don’t laugh anymore” – Someone said, “Save Bishubabu, it’s over.”

Some of them looked as if their stomachs were locked with laughter.

The old man, however, sighed bitterly. He said, “All these are Bishu’s tricks. He has taught everything from before. Otherwise, what is there to laugh at what he says, Bapu?”

Saying this, he got up in a rage.

Since then, the grandfather’s ability to tell stories has diminished a bit.

Now and then he does not sit back and tell the story of laughter. funny stories

The grandfather of our post-pieces hobby of telling stories


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