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The funny story Was misspelled?

The funny story Was misspelled?

The rainy days of the storm have begun. Suddenly the sunny sky broke and the clouds came down. Many are in danger. However, the Lalnas who came out on the streets wearing make-up is in great danger. But there is no escape in their house, there is danger. This is how the potter once went to a girl’s house.

At one point in the conversation, the boy and girl were given the opportunity to speak in private.

Girl: So, what did you decide?

Boy: I have a wish before making a decision.

Girl: What do you want ?!

Boy: I’ll get wet in the rain with you once.

Girl: Oops! Are you romantic! But I can do it even after marriage.

Boy: Actually, it’s not like that. The thing is, the amount of makeup you put on to get us there. That is my problem.

Girl: Why? What do you mean?

Boy: I mean, if I don’t get wet in the rain, I won’t be able to see your real face!

The girl got angry when she heard this. In one word, he drove such a fit, handsome pot out of the house. I went out on the street to make myself feel better. The girl inadvertently collided with an old man inadvertently.

Old man: I’m sorry !!!!!

Girl: Anything, blind or not? Don’t you see? (Say you were in a bad mood)

As soon as the girl went some distance, she bumped into a smart boy.

Boy: Uffff I’m Sorry! Don’t you like it?

Girl: It’s okay, no I’m fine.

Boy: Can we be friends?

Girl: Of course.

Boy: So, let’s have a cup of tea?

Girl: Yes, let’s go.

As the boy and girl were leaving, he called the old girl and asked: This girl! Was my spelling wrong?

The funny story Was misspelled? The funny story Was misspelled?



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