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I am an idiot is how I had to accept this truth!

I am an idiot is how I had to accept this truth!

I have always been raw in numbers, the same situation in any small calculation. Even then, for some unknown reason, all the banking work of the house is on me. And when I go to do that work, I get frustrated.

Once my mother forced me to pay the electricity and gas bills and left for home. Before leaving, he just said that the bills have to be paid at Sobhanbagh. Based on that, I dropped the girl off at school and stood in front of the gate of Janata Bank in Sobhanbagh. Purpose As soon as the bank opens at nine o’clock (at that time the bank would open at nine o’clock) I will go to the office with the first bill. As I was working in a newspaper office, my duty was from eleven.

I am an idiot is how I had to accept this truth!

Let him. The gate opened on time. I went to the first counter and stood. I am very upset that the person who will take the bill has not come yet. How do I get to the office on time if it’s so late? I was trying to make a fuss about the mismanagement of the banking sector with others standing in line. Fifteen minutes later, the gentleman at the bank’s cash counter came and sat down. The very smiling man sat down and said, “I’m so sorry for being late.”

I was happy with his use and stopped rolling. Now it’s my turn to pay the bill. When I handed the bill to him, I saw that the bag was not there. What’s the matter, lost or not? I immediately realized that I did not bring the bill money, I just brought the bill. I quickly snatched the bill from his hand and came out embarrassed. Uh! It’s a waste of time!

Strongly annoyed with himself. The road in front of my house is cut again. I somehow managed to cross the ditch and come to Tallabagh’s house by rickshaw. I really left the bag of money on the chest of drawers. Let’s go back to the bank with the bag. By then it was ten o’clock. The line of banks has become bigger. Still, I stood in line.

I am an idiot is how I had to accept this truth!

When I came to the counter one by one, the gentleman saw me and smiled and said, ‘Did you get the money?’ I was embarrassed and held the money in front of him. But the same!

Where are the bills? I didn’t get the bill in the whole bag. Suddenly I thought, when I took the money, did I leave the bills on the chest of drawers? Yes, that’s right. I started biting my teeth in anger and grief. The man at the counter was also surprised and said, “Madam, have you left the bills now?”

I’m speechless. Somehow I shook my head and moved away from the line. It was clear that the people of the bank were laughing in secret.

I came out of the bank and started abusing myself. I decided to call and bring the bills. And I will not cross that cut-road. I found out by phone from a shop on the landline of the house (we didn’t have a mobile then) that I had left the bills. About half an hour later, someone came and handed over the bills.

This time I’m an overseer. I turned the bills over and over again; As if there is no more mistake. Then when I stood up to pay the bill, it was eleven o’clock. This time I am standing with money in one hand and bill in the other, so that there is no problem. As soon as I came to the counter, the man at the counter laughed and said, ‘Madam, are you bringing everything this time?’ I said with a serious look on my face, ‘Hmm. Here it is, take it. ‘I passed the bill. He took the bill in his hand and looked at me for a while. His face was full of smiles and surprises. My mood got worse. I said angrily, “What’s the matter this time?”

He said more politely, ‘Madam, you have to pay your bills to the leading bank across the street. In this bank, I mean not in Janata Bank. ‘

This time I thought if the floor of the bank is fucked, I go into it. I said to myself angrily and sadly while making all sorts of insults, I will not pay the bill, and today, I am useless. Nine-thirty to twelve-thirty, what have I done for more than three and a half hours? Asking myself this question and finding out the reason for the stupidity, I went to the office without paying the bill like that day.

PS: But that is not the end. I am still working in the bank with responsibility. What is happening while doing that, keep picking up those stories for another day, however!

I am an idiot is how I had to accept this truth!



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