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How to take care of skin in summer

How to take care of skin in summer

It’s getting hot according to his rules. At this time various problems may appear on the skin. From sunburn to rash, there are thousands of problems. However, there is a solution. A little awareness can ensure the health of your skin. You can use glycerin-rich soap or cleanser or face wash in hot weather.

However, the best moisturizing cleanser in the heat. Owners of oily skin suffer more in summer. As the oil glands become active at this time, more oil comes out. If they use medicated face wash, they can get better results.

When you go out to protect yourself from the sun, you must use sunscreen lotion, especially medicated sunscreen for soft skin under the eyes, and oilless sunscreen for oily skin. When you go out in the sun, you must use sunscreen lotion.

The cream should always be used to get rid of the feeling of dry skin and to get rid of wrinkles. However, you can also use baby lotion instead of cream. However, on hot days, the cream should be oil-free

Internal care is also required. To stay healthy in hot weather, you need to drink plenty of vegetables, fruits and drink at least 10-12 glasses of water.

Avoid Gurupak food at this time. Do not eat sour, fried, and too hot food.

Be sure to wear sunglasses before going out in the sun.

Since it is not possible to wash your face frequently outside, you can keep facial tissues with you. Wiping your face with facial tissue in between work will make you feel much fresher and fresher.

How to take care of skin in summer


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