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How to use shy trees to regain the lost energy of men

How to use shy trees to regain the lost energy of men

A tree very familiar to us is shy again and some people say one is shy. It is an annual shrub weed or medicinal plant. Much like tamarind leaves.

At the touch of hands and feet, the shy leaves come to an end. Leaves slender and elongated, 2 to 20 pairs in number. Its flowers are purple and pink. Its leaves contain all the ingredients of acolyte and adrenaline.

Also contains tugurines and radish tannins. Which is used to cure a variety of diseases, including the elimination of penile relaxation. The whole plant of the Lajjabati vine is used as medicine. Its medicinal properties are consistently discussed.

Gum wounds:

15 to 20 cm with a tree to heal gum wounds. It is better to boil the long root in water and rinse it with water 3 times a day for 7 days.

Loosening of the penis:

Applying oil made from the seeds of Lajjabati and massaging it gently strengthens the penis. Normal-tension returns. If a woman has a genital wound for any reason to heal a genital wound, in the initial stage there is occasional or almost daily discharge, a foul odor, sometimes or a slight reddish discharge, in these cases the doctor warns, it can eventually lead to cancer.

In this case, the disease is cured by playing Lajjabati Nirjas twice a day boiled in milk and water. At the same time, the wound heals quickly if you wash it with Lajjabati Nirjas or wash the vagina.

Dark vaginal lesions:

This strange disease grows on the black side and dries on the white side. The lesion is usually below the knee or on either side of the groin. In this case, the leaves of the tree (excluding the roots) have to be eaten with only 10 grams of dehydrated water and wiped with that dehydrated.

Dissatisfaction with Raman:

After having a few children, the vagina becomes very loose, in this case, by taking a douche with the Nirjas of Lajjavati, and by soaking the rags in the oil made of boiled Nirjas and putting it in the vagina (Vaginal plugging) good results are obtained. Leaf paste is also used to heal the testicles.


Many people have old diarrhea. Can’t wait any longer. Again, many hard stools have white mangoes wrapped around them. In this case, boil the stems and leaves of 10 gms of Lajjabati in 4 cups of water and strain it down to 1 cup. They will definitely benefit from playing this Nirjas.

To get rid of the stench of sweat: Many people have a bad stench in their sweat and yellow spots appear on their clothes or underwear. In this case, the armpits and body should be wiped or applied by making the stems and leaves of the Lajjabati tree dry. Then this stench will go away.


In this case, the root should be crushed and boiled by crushing 7/8 grams and the water should be sifted and eaten. Then it will be beneficial. Piles and fistulas can be relieved by playing regularly by extracting the juice from the shy leaves and roots of white flowers.

How to use shy trees to regain the lost energy of men



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