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Find out the cause of back pain and how to get rid of it …

Find out the cause of back pain and how to get rid of it …

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1. Those who sit in the office for a long time and work in the same manner. It can be seen that the pain in the waist is severe.

2. Severe pain in the waist can be felt if the sitting chair table is not properly placed or not sitting properly or leaning back and forth.

3. Prolonged driving or leaning too far can cause back pain. Some support should be taken in the back while driving.

4. People who read books or do other things while lying down or leaning, their spine is damaged and pain is felt.

5. There are many people who do not lift heavy things properly. This results in abnormal pressure on the spine and damage to it.

Whatever you can do for treatment:


1. Lie down on a flat light soft bed with both hands on either side of the body and straighten both legs. Lift one leg up as far as possible without bending the knees. You have to keep your legs up for 10 seconds. Similarly, lift the other leg up and take the same time.

2. Now lift the two legs together without bending the knees in the same way and take the same time.

3. Now bend one knee and try to bring the knee to the chest by wrapping it with both hands. Hold for 10 seconds. In the same way, the other knee should be placed on the chest.

4. Fold the two knees together and put them on the chest with both hands.

5. The last two legs should be straightened and held towards the soles of the feet for 10 seconds.

The main goal of back pain treatment is to cure the pain and normalize the movement of the waist. Full rest but prolonged rest makes the pain chronic. Even if the acute pain subsides, weight lifting, twisting positions, extra physical exertion, and leaning forward should be stopped.

You need to practice sitting properly and use back support if necessary. Take a hot bath (hot pad, hot water bottle, or warm water bath). Exercise to make the muscles flexible and strong. Some exercises help relieve back pain, and even work better than medication. You can do this exercise every night and in bed in the morning. It will take a maximum of 8 minutes.

When to consult a doctor?

This kind of pain is there all the time or is frozen. Sharp pain after lifting heavy weights or overwork.

If the pain extends from the waist to the buttocks, thighs, and toes.

If there is weakness or numbness in the legs.

Sneezing, coughing, or leaning forward increases the pain. If there is no control of urination or bowel movements.

If it hurts while lying down or getting out of bed.

Find out the cause of back pain and how to get rid of it …



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