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Abortion safe in how many days of pregnancy?

Abortion safe in how many days of pregnancy?

Abortion safe in how many days of pregnancy? We may not all know the answer. So for the purpose of our readers today, the eminent gynecologist Dr. is giving details about it. Sculptor Pal.

Abortion is the process by which the fetus leaves the uterus at any time during the next 20 weeks after fertilization. Most abortions in the world today are due to intentional miscarriages. However, there are exceptions to this, many times even if the mother wants to conceive a child, miscarriage can happen by itself. Therapeutic abortion can also be done legally to protect the health of the mother or to protect the child from extreme disability.

Doctors say that even if an abortion can be done within 20 weeks, abortion is safe within 12 weeks. Gynecologists believe that it is possible to have an abortion with medicine for up to 9 weeks.

But if you decide to have an abortion after 12 weeks, you must consult two gynecologists. It is illegal to have an abortion after 20 weeks because all the organs of the baby are formed at this time, so intentional abortion is usually compared to infanticide. It is not even safe for the mother’s health.

What could be the problem?

1. Infections in the body

2. The uterus may need to be removed.

3. Death can also occur.

The MTP (Medical Termination Of Pregnancy) laws & rules of 1971 state that there are three things to keep in mind when having an abortion.

1. Who is doing it? This means that only an experienced gynecologist can perform an abortion.

2. Where are you doing? In other words, abortion can be done in a hospital that has a suitable infrastructure for abortion.

3. How many weeks are you doing? That is, if an abortion is performed after 20 weeks, it will be considered illegal.

Therapeutic abortion requires the written consent of the husband as well as the wife. It must be done in the hospital If this is to be done because of a maternal illness, then at least two gynecologists must be in writing. Abortion should not be performed without the advice of a surgeon or any other physician if there is a risk of maternal death if the abortion is not performed immediately.

From the very first day of the embryo, he should be considered as a precious soul, which is the motto of medicine. So if the child with therapeutic abortion is healthy and can be kept alive then that effort must be continued.

Abortion safe in how many days of pregnancy?


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