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What causes tooth loss?

What causes tooth loss?

1. Brushing teeth with more pressure.

2. If your toothbrush breaks down in 2 to 3 months, then you need to apply extra pressure or force to brush your teeth.

3. Brushing teeth is very important for keeping our face clean on the one hand and brushing our teeth with more energy, on the other hand, can cause tooth loss.

4. You should refrain from eating more solid foods. Eating solid foods all the time puts more pressure on the tooth root and it is harmful to the teeth and the bones of the two jaws.

5. Eating slowly and not eating too much solid food is especially helpful for keeping teeth straight.

. You should refrain from eating food using only one side tooth. This habit is harmful to the teeth. The side teeth that are always used will be more damaged than the other side and the muscles of the side jaw will become tighter. It also looks ugly.

What causes tooth loss?



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