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There are 6 reasons why boys’ sperm is damaged

There are 6 reasons why boys’ sperm is damaged

Medical science says that sperm in boys can be damaged for several reasons. Below are six important reasons-

* The quality and quantity of sperm in semen sometimes depends genetically. In fact, all diseases have some genetic factors. If one’s ancestor is unable to give birth or has a late child, the same effect can be felt in him.

* If a man is a smoker, or regularly consumes alcohol, it will affect his semen. This will reduce the quality of sperm.

* Even if he (the boy) works in a hot climate environment, or spends more time in hot weather, his sperm will be damaged.

* Many people take a bath in hot water every day. This is also the reason why sperm is often reduced.

* Some people wear very tight underwear. This is enough to ruin the quality of sperm.

* In addition, if the boy has diabetes, if there is mental stress, if he uses any medicine, as a side effect of the medicine, the quality of the sperm is lost, then the sperm of the boys is damaged.

** Author: Dr. Kazi Faiza Akter, MBBS, FCPS, MCPS. Consultant, Impulse Hospital. And Assistant Professor, Gynecologist, Obstetrician, and Surgeon.

There are 6 reasons why boys’ sperm is damaged

Source: Ekushey TV


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