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Islamic events: the destruction of the Thamud nation

Islamic events: the destruction of the Thamud nation

The Thamud lived in the Hajr and Wadilkor regions of Arabia. They knew how to cut stones and build beautiful houses. He used to make amazing weapons by cutting stones to kill animals. Some of these classes lived in mountain caves.

They believed in Allah.

They worshiped the image of whatever was big and strange in their eyes made of stone. Besides, there were quarrels and riots day and night. Allaah sent Hazrat Saleh among them as a Prophet.

Hazrat Saleh called them and said: Brothers, God has created you from this soil, you will die in this soil again. Just think of him, without him I have brought you supernatural light. Remember how the people of Aad did not listen to Hazrat Hud – so how they perished before you. Think about the grace by which you are building such a beautiful house on this hill.

A group of people believed him. But those who considered themselves rich, powerful, and very respectable did not listen to him. Instead, they were provoked by the proverbs and they turned their backs on him and conspired day and night to attack Hazrat Saleh and his followers, but by the grace of Allah, all their campaigns failed. Saleh and his entourage escaped unharmed, but the Atayis were destroyed.

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When the Samuds were destroyed, the disbelievers became more and more vindictive.They were determined to kill Saleh. He was ridiculed and ridiculed for humiliating her socially. Some of the elders among them called Saleh and said: You are saying that you have come to us as the Prophet of Allah, how can we know that you are indeed the Messenger of Allah.

Saleh then started praying to Allah Pak. Allah accepted his prayer and split the nearby mountain in two and sent a camel out of it.

Saleh took the camel to the disbelievers. He said, “You wanted to see his mark on me, so God sent this camel to you.” Do not harm anyone, but give it grass and water. If you oppress it, God’s wrath will fall on you.

The disbelievers saw the camel and laughed out loud.

They thought it was nothing more than a little beast, Saleh just brought it to scare them. There is no sign of God sent on it. They are always slaughtering and eating such camels! If they are given regular food and water, their animals will die of starvation. Instead of killing this camel at night, everyone will fall.

When they did not kill the camel, they danced with joy. They began to mock Hazrat Saleh cruelly. Eventually, such a misfortune befell him that it became his duty to live in the country. Helpless, he raised his hands to God and began to pray: O Merciful One, O Lord of the world! I could not dispel their illusions at all. If you do not punish them, they will soon kill us. You judge appropriately.

God granted his prayer.

Three days after this incident, a huge earthquake started at night. The houses of the unbelieving Thamuds were all smashed to pieces and they too were buried under the rubble. Hazrat Saleh and his followers survived on earth.



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