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It is inappropriate to keep mobile in five places!

It is inappropriate to keep mobile in five places

The smartphone is one of the accessories of daily life. People spend time on the phone from morning till night. After waking up in the morning with the alarm of the mobile phone, sleep peacefully with the mobile next to the pillow at night. Even in the washroom nowadays it is not strange to spend time with the phone. But do you know where mobile phones should not be used? The battery of the phone must be twelve, the phone may also be dwarfed. It May harm your health.

Do not keep the phone in the back pocket of the pants

There are many who are accustomed to having a mobile phone in the back pocket of their jeans. If you have such a habit, give it up. If you sit somewhere with the phone in the back pocket, the phone will only be damaged. The battery of the phone will also go. Besides, this habit is harmful to your health. Because your body cells are severely damaged by the phone signal. For the same reason don’t put the phone under a pile of heavy books. Or, don’t put the phone in the fold of the book. It is not uncommon for a big accident to happen due to a battery explosion.

Keep away from flames of fire

Many women are seen keeping their mobile phones beside them while cooking. They continue to talk on their mobile phones while moving the pickaxe. Such practices are very dangerous. As dangerous as it is for a woman’s life, it is also harmful to the phone. If you accidentally hit a gas or stove fire in any way, the phone will explode. It will not just lose all the data on the phone. It can be fatal. So it is better to be careful.

Not the phone when you go to the swimming pool

If you have a habit of taking your phone with you when going to the swimming pool, be careful this time. The same goes for going to the beach. It is not uncommon for the phone to be damaged by direct sunlight. If some of the metal in the phone is heated for a long time, it will activate and play twelve of the phone. So it is wise to leave the phone in the hotel room or at home.

The gloves on the hands are not handcuffed

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either. Do not press the keypad of the phone while wearing gloves. The phone gets hot when it comes in contact with negatively charged material like wool. Battery life will be reduced.

Avoid metal contact

When mobile phone batteries come in contact with certain metals such as chromium, arsenic, or palladium, they begin to erode. In some cases, it is not impossible to have a short circuit.

It is inappropriate to keep mobile in five places



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