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Magical face pack to remove facial scars

Magical face pack to remove facial scars

If you have acne or rashes on your face for a long time, you will get bad facial scars after leaving. These ugly facial scars often become permanent. Which makes it look a lot worse to see the face. And for this, you have to hear a lot about the scars on your face. But I am talking about a magic pack to get rid of it.

Whatever it takes to remove facial scars

* One tablespoon powdered milk

* A medium-sized cucumber shredded

* One tablespoon of sweet yogurt

How to use these materials

First, blend these ingredients well. Then wash your face thoroughly with clean water and dry it.

Then gently rub the mixture with the index finger, middle finger, and ring finger of the left or right hand and apply it on the spotted areas. Also, apply in other places.

When the pack is finished, wait for 20 minutes. Then wash your face with clean water and wipe with a dry soft cloth.

If you use this pack 5 days a week for two months in a row, your skin will be brighter and smoother besides removing unwanted facial scars.

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