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Some misconceptions about the Dark Web, all in one post

Assalamu Alaikum
I hope everyone is well. I will talk about what you have understood by looking at today’s topic. So let’s get started !!!! (Dark Web)

Many of us have a keen interest in the Deep Web and the Dark web, which is rooted in some of the common misconceptions and exaggerations about them.

Since people are always more interested in rumors, conspiracies, or exaggerated information, the mainstream newspapers of different countries of the world have published countless stories on this topic to use this interest for business purposes (1, 2, 3). Searching on the internet or YouTube makes it difficult to find the real information in the crowd of false and exaggerated news. So, in an attempt to give as much accurate information as possible to my acquaintance, I will try to give some idea about this matter of internet today.

1) The Internet is a sea of ​​information. And when it comes to information, it is a matter of finding information easily, it is a matter of the security of that information and the exchange of information. The idea of ​​a search engine came from this idea of ​​finding information easily. Currently, some of the most famous search engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Dakdakgo, Baidu (China). They regularly update all the websites on the Internet, their important information on their servers, and any website creator can help in this task. So, adding this information to the database of this search engine is called indexing in simple language. And, search engines also add a lot of information to their database. Dark Web

How? This is where the surface web comes in.  Facebook

2) We are taking Google as an example.

When a site is added to Google, it goes to those links if there are any other links on that site, from there to more links, thus as far as it goes, it adds them all to its database, identifying the dead links. In this way, Google’s database continues to grow. This way of finding/getting information is called “crawling”. This crawling bot from Google is also called Google bot, sometimes called Spider.

The sites that can be indexed by search engines are included in the “Surface Web”. Wikipedia, YouTube, various public forums, public web pages are all included in this Surface Web. In other words, we do most of our internet browsing on this surface web. But that’s not all. In fact, it is nothing. This surface web is not even a fraction of the total volume of the Internet. So where did the remaining ninety-nine percent or more of the information go?

It went deep, meaning deep web. As data is added to the Internet, so does the proportion of the Surface Web. So, we also go a little deeper to know about this deep web, what do you say?

3) Ever browsed the Deep Web? You may not know if you have done so, so let me help you out a bit.

If you have a Yahoo Mail or Gmail account, open it. Enter username and password. Dr. You went into the Deep Web !! Disappointed? That is normal.

The mysterious world of your deep web is not supposed to be so simple !! In fact, this deep web is so simple. Search engines crawl the pages or parts of the page that can’t show up in the search results, all of which are included in this deep web. So, only the front pages of Yahoo or Gmail (called landing pages) and these types of public pages are indexed by search engines. And, the mailboxes of the remaining millions of users are all deep web. Now you understand, why is the deep web surface so much bigger than the web? Simply put,

Your mailbox? – Deep web

Your Dropbox Cloud Account? – Deep web

Your Facebook friends only / only me post? – Deep web

Netflix / Hotstar / Hulu …… Subscriber-Only Product – Deep Web

Personal account for your Wikipedia / YouTube /… ..? – Deep web

That is, the Deep Web includes everything that cannot be seen or intentionally indexed by search engines without a username, password, or special permission. So what do you know about all the exciting things about the Deep Web, it’s all fake? No, it’s not. There is a saying that at least some of it happens (which is not always true).

This little thing is happening on the Dark Web, which is a small part of the Deep Web and more about privacy.

4) Many people combine the Deep Web and the Dark Web, but these two are not one at all. It’s a lot like “all alkalis are alkalis, but not all alkalis are alkalis”. All Dark Web includes the Deep Web, but the Deep Web does not necessarily mean the Dark Web. And the Dark Web is only one part or less of the total size of the Deep Web.

The Dark Web is sites that are intentionally hidden from the search engine’s index options and are usually not browsed with Chrome, Firefox, or other such browsers but require a special browser. However, some extensions and VPNs can also be used with a normal browser. Why not browse, it’s not really too difficult. People who open websites for the Dark Web register sites under on .onion „and some of these extensions (we use .com, .net, .org, …….) And sites that are rich in these extensions are Chrome or similar browsers Elao does not. As a result, these sites cannot be accessed normally.

The most famous and well-known browser used for this is the TOR browser, which means The Onion Router and hence the origin of the .onion extension.

The software was created by three employees of the US Navy to exchange information between themselves and their organization in a highly confidential manner.
So, what is the specialty of this software? If security threats and immoral activities continue, why isn’t this browser being banned or removed from the Internet?

5) The threat to the security of the Dark Web is not right, but the concept of the Dark Web came for the sake of security.

Almost all Internet users are probably familiar with the word proxy / VPN, or at least have heard the name, and have used it for various purposes. What do they do? These act as an intermediate IP between the user’s computer IP (client IP) and the IP of the server to which the data is being sent. As a result, it seems that the request is coming from the server-side IP from the middle IP. That means it is hiding your identity in the middle step. As of this writing, I am using two-level proxies.

The VPN software installed on my computer is hiding the real IP address of my internet connection. And, the proxy extension installed in the browser is adding another layer on top of that VPN-provided IP. In other words, if you want to backtrack from the server-side, you have to go through two steps to get the actual IP. TOR does the same thing, but not in one or two steps, but like many layers of the onion (Onion) in this case, there are many intermediate IPOs. Dark Web

That is, it reaches the receiving end by bouncing on many intermediate servers, and each time these intermediate steps may be different. In the case of conventional proxies / VPNs, it is possible to retrieve the identity of the actual user only by tracking an intermediate IP, but in the case of TOR, it is very difficult to backtrack as there are many intermediate IPs. As a result, both information and user identity remain secure.

Why use the Internet with so much security and privacy and who does?

It may be necessary for many reasons. For example, detectives, various government and non-government employees or ordinary people who want to exchange information with each other with confidentiality.

Then there are human rights activists, whistleblowers (who leak information on various sensitive issues), social activists, groups formed for any political or another purpose who want to carry out their activities secretly without bringing their organization into the open.

There are many more like it. Just as there are good and bad deeds in any work, there are also many people who use privacy to get involved in bad deeds. These include the sale of illegal drugs and weapons or any such illegal business, illegal porn (child or revenge porn), or the sale of pirated books. Many of you may have heard of the Silk Road, which was an illegal business website. Money transactions are mainly done through an online-based virtual currency “bitcoin”, which does not have a public record like conventional currencies, so transactions cannot be tracked. Dark Web

So those who do these illegal things can not be caught?

Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance. Since there are so many such sites on the Dark Web, intelligence agencies are also flocking here to catch criminals. As a result, criminals are more likely to be caught if there is a minimum-security deficit.

For example, the founder of the Silk Road website was arrested long ago and is currently serving a life sentence in various cases, including money laundering. This is why it is better not to browse unfamiliar sites on the Dark Web unnecessarily. You will be in danger if you browse, it is not. Rather, a spy who keeps track of that site may try to track your identity from this “why are you browsing the site” curiosity, which can lead to a small chance of unwarranted harassment. This possibility is also present in many sites on the Surface Web. For example, the creator of a site called bestg ***. Com has been jailed for the crime of building the site.

6) “As soon as you enter the Dark Web, your information will go to such and such”, “You will be tracked”, “If you enter, you will not be able to leave until the work is done”, “Your pictures and personal information will go to the admin” are these words false?

Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance. These are spread by two types of people

One, the people who use the Dark Web, from ordinary users to high-ranking government officials. They do it because they want you to be scared and not to worry about it.

Two, the lesser-known over-enthusiastic public, who unknowingly jumps like a goat number three when they find something.

The combination of these two has created a completely mysterious world about the Dark Web. And, capitalizing on this mystery and people’s unconscious interest, the business of likes, shares, YouTube views, magazine cutting is going on in full swing. In 2014, a Reddit user promoted another type of web, which he called the “Shadow Web”, which later became known as a place to show live torture, murder, and rape. But the whole thing was a fabricated story that can be easily understood by reading his writing. But, presumably, people have believed this story without hesitation. However, the matter did not go very far, as no evidence was found in its favor.

This does not mean that browsing the Dark Web is not likely to kill your personal information. Computer passwords, personal information that others can get through the Internet while browsing a site by inserting spyware or malware into your computer.

If you do not have antivirus / anti-malware installed on your computer, that is, you do not have adequate security against viruses or if you are not aware of these, then if you go to browse a site and click on a link, the virus can enter your computer.

That is, the whole thing is happening because of your carelessness or ignorance.

As you browse for your daily needs, you may have noticed that some of the links show warnings from the browser. This may be due to invalid certificates, spyware, malware, and links. You can easily avoid such unwanted things if you are very careful. And, you can keep your identity safe by installing a VPN / proxy on the computer, if you want.

6) Apart from those who are regular Dark Web users, if you want, there are many useful sites on the Dark Web (for example, pirated book sites) that you can browse for your own needs. Use them if necessary. Another common saying is that the site address of the Dark Net is not easily available! If in doubt, download TOR and browse for yourself.

Searching for the hidden wiki in the browser will bring up a wiki page where you will find links to many Dark Web sites by category.

The problem with Dark Net site links is that, since many sites are open for illegal or personal reasons, the website can be suspended or link dead at any time. And, most of the things you find on the Dark Net are also found on the Surface Web.

So, before you say “Wow”, “Wow” on the Dark Net, you can find the same category of things on the Surface Web! In 90 percent of cases, chances are, you will get.

Two things can happen when you go down to the river or the sea. (Dark Web)

One: You can enjoy it safely if you know your boundaries and you can enjoy it completely if you know how to swim and get off.

Two: If you go into deep water without knowing your boundaries, you will drown.

The Internet is a sea of ​​information. You don’t even have to spend money to learn how to use this sea properly for your own needs.

The vast database on the Surface Web is in excess of what we need to know or learn from birth to death. All that is needed is an interest in learning and knowing, and a logical mind. Instead of trying to recover, you wallow in your sadness and thus, experience more failure.

So far today.

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