Those six annoying things make girls angry

Those six annoying things make girls angry

Girlfriend is very angry? Or talking about annoyance? You might think he is upset or angry for some other reason.

The boys at least think this way, but they never think maybe he’s upset about something I do. In fact, boys do things that are very annoying to girls. Because things are very annoying for girls.

You may have done it on your own, but you should also think about your lover, shouldn’t you? Take a look and see if this kind of work is done by you. If so try not to. Because these are the things that make your lover or wife very angry.

1) Looking at the phone while talking and saying ‘what did you say at the end of the conversation

Many boys do this. When his girlfriend or wife is talking, he doesn’t care about it at all. Think about what happened to yourself, then you will understand how annoying it is to say the same thing twice and not get the attention of your partner.

2) Sitting with legs spread:

Whether it’s a sofa or a bus seat or a seating area, sitting with your legs apart is much more annoying for your lover. Sit back normally, or you’re still unsmart to your lover.

3) Commenting on the physical issues of another girl in front of the lover or wife:

It is a pleasure for the boys to pass comments on the girls passing by. This annoying work is done by many boys who have special mental problems. But it is much more annoying to do this even if the lover is next.

4) Planning for your friends in private time:

You and your lover both have friends, the two circles also need to be known. But have you ever considered how reasonable it is to plan with a friend when you’re just spending time alone?

5) Not observing special days:

Many boys do not want to celebrate special days. When you ask them something, they answer, ‘Expressing love for every day. But Mr. Boyfriend, your girlfriend or wife must have the ability to understand this. You don’t want to understand the special day, which means there must be a special reason behind it. Then where is the problem to observe?

6) Ordering food for a lover without asking:

Many boys also do annoying things like pursuing their own desires without understanding what their lover or wife likes or wants. But it makes the girls angry a lot more. If you want to eat somewhere, let your girlfriend order it, or at least ask her.


Those six annoying things make girls angry


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