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Understand the ten symptoms that you have diabetes

Understand the ten symptoms that you have diabetes

More than 50 percent of people with diabetes do not know that they have the disease. They were diagnosed with the disease while undergoing tests for other diseases. But if you can control your diabetes, you can live a healthy life for a long time, say, doctors.

Experts say that for those who do as much physical work if one walks at least 10,000 steps every day, even if diabetic, it will be under control. In addition, in 75% of the cases of type-2 diabetes, it is possible to prevent it by being alert in advance, exercising, and controlling one’s eating habits and lifestyle. But once you have diabetes, you can’t get rid of this disease.

Understand the ten symptoms that you have diabetes

Signs to be cautious and tests to be done-

  • Frequent urination and thirst
  • Feeling weak, feeling dizzy
  • Increased appetite
  • If you do not eat and drink on time, your blood sugar will decrease and hypo will occur
  • an Increased attraction to sweet things
  • Lots of weight loss for no apparent reason
  • Even if there are wounds or cuts on the body, it will not heal for a long time
  • Dry, rough and itchy skin
  • Irritability and irritable mood
  • Begin to see less in the eyes

• Those who are at high risk

Experts say that those whose parents, siblings, or close relatives have diabetes have a higher risk of developing the disease.

  • Those who do not walk regularly or do physical work, and live a lazy or uncontrolled life, have a higher risk of contracting this disease.
  • Women can get diabetes during pregnancy.
  • People who have heart disease, high cholesterol in the blood, and high blood pressure, are also at risk of developing this disease.
  • Children who are overweight, whose parents, siblings, grandparents, or close relatives have diabetes, or whose mother had diabetes during pregnancy, are at risk of developing diabetes.

The sooner diabetes is diagnosed, the better for the patient. This will allow him to start treatment for the disease quickly, as well as bring his life under control. 10 symptoms of diabetes

Source: BBC Bangla

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