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Buying a Second Hand Smartphone? 7 things to keep in mind!

Buying a Second Hand Smartphone? 7 things to keep in mind!

Thinking of buying a second-hand smartphone without spending a fortune on a new phone right now? Or, because you are getting a very cheap smartphone from someone, have you decided to buy it without thinking back? You can buy it. But, don’t rush. Play a little before buying. I mean, keep in mind seven things. In the end, the benefit is yours.

Ask for the phone bill

When you are buying a phone, you will not want to ask what the accessories are. But, don’t forget to ask for the phone bill and the box with those accessories. Whether or not the phone is stolen, just to be sure that you will be billed, but not. If you wish, you can ask for the bill and the box so that you can resell it. If you have a bill, you can replace the smartphone within the guarantee period. And whether the phone is stolen or not, it is important to know the IMEI number for verification. If you have a phone box, you will get the IMEI number. And if the phone accessories are not all original, then you have the advantage to price.

I want 2 GB RAM-

Even if the price of your smartphone is less than 10 thousand rupees, you should have 2 GB of RAM. So before buying, make sure that you get 2GB RAM. If you look, 1GB RAM, then the price is never more than 5 to 6 thousand. Take the price like that. Also, take a good look at the processor.

Isn’t it a stolen phone?

Keep this question in mind before buying a second-hand phone. Don’t buy anything in good faith. Because in many cases, the seller is trying to sell the stolen smartphone in a hurry. So take the box of the smartphone. If for any reason, check the IMEI number of the phone by dialing ‘* # 06 #’. You can also take the help of websites like

Take a look at the hardware by hand

Nothing, if you only have a laptop and USB, you can check it yourself. Connect the smartphone to the laptop and see if it is charging properly. Also, check if the data is going to be transferred. Insert the SIM card and see if the network is OK.

Pay by PayPal

Pay for smartphones through PayPal. You will find this facility on websites like eBay. If for some reason you think you will return the smartphone, then it will be easier to get the money back.

Buy from Facebook if you can

Facebook is an ideal place to shop. You can also view the seller’s profile. You will also find out about the activities of the group you are viewing commercial ads for.

Take a look at the warranty

Soon after buying a smartphone, many people upgrade their handsets. Many times it is within a month. Check to see if it is within the warranty period.


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