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Carding Tutorial: Credit Card Hacking. Episode part – 2: Demostration

Credit Card Hacking. Episode part – 2: Demonstration

I will show live carding in this tutorial. Before starting this tutorial, you must read the previous tutorial. Read this tutorial from beginning to end. Credit Card Hacking

I said there are many methods for carding. I will show you using sql injection method. General sqli and sqli carding are the same, the concept is a little different. Today I am using an automation tool. I am not doing manual sqli. So the previous sqli tutorial and it is not one.

★★ Carding Basic Concept: (Credit Card Hacking)

Did I mention carding in a previous post? I will tell you how it works now. At present, it is a normal thing to pay with a credit card. If you want to know the carding, you need to know about the payment process of the credit card first. If you want to pay with a credit card, you have to give some information of the card. Those are: credit card number, expire date, CVV. If this information is correct then your payment is successful.
Now the information you entered has been stored in the database of the website. We will now extract the information from this database. Then our carding process will be completed.

Let’s start step by step like every time. And as always, this post will have a video tutorial at the end of the tutorial.

Note: I discourage the use of automation tools. Because even if it is easy, your skills will not develop and its success rate is very low. Most websites cannot inject. So try to do it manually.

1. First download the Droidsqli app. Then open it.

2. Now enter your sqli vulnerable website with parameters in the target url.

Credit Card Hacking

3. Tap on Inject at the top right.

Credit Card Hacking

4. Your work is 80% finished. Sit down, the app itself will do all the work.

Credit Card Hacking

5. Now I will access the database. Tap.

Credit Card Hacking

6. Now you can see all the tables of the database.

Credit Card Hacking

7. Our target carding so we have to find a table of this type of payment or order or shipping. I found these three tables on this website.

Credit Card Hacking

8. If we click on the Order table, we will be able to see the columns. These columns are carrying information. We need to select the columns and click the Get Data button below, you will get the information.

Credit Card Hacking

9. Explore other table data in this way. I have received other information in Payment, Shipping. Select the same way and collect the information.

Credit Card Hacking

10. In addition to admin access to this website, you can also access any user account. From the user table.

Credit Card Hacking

Credit Card Hacking

Now with this information, you can pay online, the victim will have to pay your bill.

This was the basic carding tutorial. I hope you understand. I did not disclose the information in the column and the URL of the website.
Video tutorial:

If there is any problem, let me know in the comments. I will try to help.
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